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The Tragedy of Niam in a parallel universe

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Change your name to "50" if you want, I resent that you share my middle/preferred name when your posts all reek of the same creepy as "Chris-chan." Seriously, who the hell do you think you're fooling? "Hi, my name is Fiddy, I'm a friend of a guy who got ganon-banned here and I just want to post something he said in explicit detail I totes didn't write myself and I'm most definitely, certainly, assuredly, not using a pseudonym in the hopes nobody will notice the similarities in our linguistic style.

Cause, y'know, people make a damn living studying forensic linguistics, right? Being able to tell who someone is based on how and what they write? Did you think nobody here had that ability? I'll throw my hat into the ring, -raises hand- I have that ability.

I give your trolling 0/10, wouldn't partake again.

He's already been banned, by the way.

Chaos Undivided:
Given what day it is, I was tempted to make a Jacob Harrison parody account, but I thought better of it.

So, senior Vandelay and Niam are fucking with Jacob harrison by seducing his online girlfriends?

Art Vandelay:
I have to say, I do sometimes regret my moment of weakness with Jacob. If I had never told him that there was no transcendental enlightenment to be gleaned from a four hour stream of some cockhead playing Skyrim, who knows how long it would've taken him to figure it out.

Then again, maybe it was for the best. I very strongly suspect that Jacob is genuinely mentally challenged in some way.


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