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My family firmly supports Buttigieg it seems.

They cite his age as a factor in his favor, and say that Sanders is simply too old for them.

Then I advise that they watch this video.

They are not interested in watching a 30 minute plus video.

My mother went as far as saying she never has liked Bernie, she never will like him, and he "talks like Trump" as far as she's concerned, and she despises Trump. Much as my family is left wing otherwise, it does seem they're very much it seems turned off by ideas of revolution or radical overhaul.

Plus, again, the age thing.


--- Quote from: The_Queen on February 13, 2020, 04:04:21 pm ---I am waiting on two things:

1. Bernie supporters to cry every time he loses a primary or caucus and make elaborate conspiracy theories, and
2. Bernie to win the presidency, as I called November 9, 2016

--- End quote ---

The first is certainly true, and I suspect a lot of it will involve pointing to 538 and saying, "They hate Bernie and they predicted he'd win such-and-such contest so how could he lose!!!1!!!1!! RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!11!"

The second I'm very unsure about.

I am amused that the talking heads on a Finnish news show immediately started fanboying "Mayor Pete" when discussing the elections in USA.

I am not so amused that apparently that Bloomberg fellow is buying the Democratic nomination for himself (for example, he has bought so many ads that the prices have gone up, making it harder for others to try to regain the gap.) as I don't know if he's going to lose intentionally to Trump in order to watch USA burn or if he's just going to take the presidency so that Sanders won't get it.


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