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Hello, I am Jacob Harrison’s fiancée from Kiwi Farms and was asked by Jacob to post this. 

Jacob remembered that Niam said that the story he is writing is based on the video game SMT Apocalypse. He watched YouTube videos of the game and discovered that Niam’s purpose for writing Parallel Hero was to piss on him and Yahweh. SMT Apocalypse is a blasphemous game where Yahweh, the omnipotent creator of the universe gets defeated.

Jacob was pissed about it so he modified the story to make it more in accordance with Catholicism.

This story takes place in the end times where rightful authority in England and Europe is restored. According to Catholic prophecies, the Age of Peace will begin in 2038.

In 1376, Edward III made an entail restricting the crown to male heirs and Richard II revised the entail to exclude his cousin Henry of Bolingbroke due to him once being part of a rebel group called the Lords Appellant. There was also a statute which barred foreigners from inheriting the throne.

His uncle Edmund was therefore the next in line, but Edmund and his son Edward forfeited their rights when they betrayed Richard and joined Henry’s usurpation of the throne.

Therefore, after Richard was murdered, there was no legitimate male-line Plantagenet heir to the throne so ever since then, England has no monarchy De jure.

However, there are rightful heirs to other titles of nobility who have been deprived of their titles. A good example are the descendants of Thomas le Despenser who was made Earl of Gloucester by Richard II but was attainted by the false king Henry IV because of his role in the righteous execution of Richard’s treasonous uncle Thomas.

Since the throne has been vacant since 1399, once the rightful nobility is restored, the House of Commons and the House of Lords can choose who is to be the new monarch. And in the story this happens. He is the Great Monarch of Catholic prophecy who will rule over the other European monarchs.

Chapter 1 World War III
(click to show/hide)On the night before November 22, 2019, the 56th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Donald Trump had a dream where he saw Kennedy who said,

“It is the will of God that you became President to protect Christian’s rights in America and to stop the murder of infants.

Everyone during their life sins. Like you, I committed adultery. I repented. So God sent me to tell you to repent as well and come into the true faith.

He also sent me to tell you that America will go through a great trial. But in the end, America will prevail. Tell the country about my message.”

Right after Trump woke up, he went to twitter and tweeted about his dream. It then was reported on the news. To his surprise, many Evangelical Christians called it a false sign since it was a dream about a Catholic president giving a message from God.

This caused Trump to have an epiphany that Catholicism is the true faith. He therefore realized that divorce is a sin. So when he converted, a church tribunal did a ruling of his marriages. They ruled first marriage to Ivana to be null because she previously divorced. They ruled that his second marriage to Marla Maples was the valid marriage so his third marriage to Melania was therefore null. Donald and Melania were therefore given the option to separate or live as brother and sister. They choose the later so that Melania could continue being the First Lady.

This caused Pope Francis to realize that he was wrong about Trump and he repented for being judgemental. He died on January 19, 2020. On February 2, Cardinal Sean O Malley was elected Pope and he took the name Pius XIII.

Kennedy’s ghost’s warning came true on April 6, 2020. As Trump did not want war, he did his best to avoid war with Iran and successfully avoided it in 2019. However the tensions led to Iran breaking the uranium stockpile limit. Eventually the US had intelligence of them producing a nuclear weapon. This time, Trump had no choice but to order a preemptive military strike targeting a nuclear reactor. It was war.

Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Arab nations immediately joined the US in the war against Iran. Israel which was in conflict with the Iranian supported terrorist organization Hezbollah was pulled into the war.

Iran’s allies Russia and China intervened to defend Iran. Ukraine took advantage of Russia being in war and invaded the Crimean Peninsula. Ukraine’s ally Poland joined the war on Ukraine’s side. This caused other NATO countries to join the war. It was World War III.

Jacob Harrison and Pomme realizing that the war could go nuclear and destroy internet communication, decided to get married in the United States right away.

Meanwhile, as many European cities including Rome were hit with air raids, Pope Pius XIII fled Rome and died soon afterward, fulfilling prophecy.

And the war did eventually get nuclear. As Israel was getting invaded and faced the greatest existential threat since 1948, it resorted to using a nuclear weapon striking Iran.

This led to nuclear weapons to be used on all sides. Washington DC, many European countries, Russia, China, North and South Korea, India, and Pakistan ended up getting nuked. Turkey which had nuclear weapons from NATO, was able to blackmail non Muslim countries into submitting to their authority, and the Ottoman Empire was reestablished with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declaring himself to be the Ottoman Caliph. Christians and other non Muslims became second class citizens under Sharia Law.

Jacob Harrison knew that one day the Turks will be defeated and Christianity would triumph. In the meantime, he had to postpone his college degree in order to get a job as a janitor to provide for his family. His wife was pregnant.

On January 1 2021, the feast day of the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother if God when Jacob and Pomme’s child was almost due, there was a knock at the door. Jacob opened it. There was a young man who looked around Jacob’s age. Jacob had no idea who he was.

“Jacob Harrison. The Virgin Mary and Saint Joan of Arc has led me here. There are important matters for us to discuss,” said the man. He had a British accent.

Chapter 2 The Great Visitors
(click to show/hide)Inside Jacob and Pomme’s house, the man revealed his identity.

“I am Henry of South Cadbury England. I am descended from Louis XVII of France, the son of the Holy Martyrs Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. I am the prophesied King Henry of France that God revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny.”

“But Louis XVII died at the age of 10,” said Jacob.

“According to the official story. But remember that God revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny that the great monarch will be descended from Louis XVI. What really happened is that royalist supporters brought him to safety in England. There, he married an Englishwoman and continued the senior line of the House of Bourbon.

I am the prophesied Great Monarch who will liberate Europe and restore fallen monarchies. As you know, after England’s last rightful king Richard II was overthrown, there was no legitimate male line Plantagenet heir who wasn’t excluded from the throne for being a traitor, so when I invade England and restore the rightful heirs to titles of nobility in England, the House of Commons and the House of Lords will elect me king. I will fulfill the prophecy of the one who will unite the lion with the white flower and will be given the sword Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake.

The other European kingdoms will elect me Holy Roman Emperor and I will be crowned by the Pope Peter II who was elected in exile after Pius XIII fled Rome.”

“I believe that. However how exactly will you win against the nation that has all the world’s nukes?” asked Jacob.

“The Virgin Mary told me that you will start the chain of events that will fulfill the prophecy. First your wife must be taken to safety in my secret hideout. Your son that she will soon give birth to will one day become one of my Knights. You will preach about me.”

“That will get my husband arrested or even killed! You are a fraud trying to get that to happen to him so that you can take me as your wife!” shouted Pomme.

“I knew you would think that,” said Henry. “Here is proof that I am doing a mission from God.”

Suddenly the apparition of a young woman appeared in the room.

“Who are you?” Jacob asked the woman.

“I am Saint Joan of Arc.”

“Now I know that Henry is the Great Monarch. I have a question. Why did God want France to win the Hundred Years War?” asked Jacob.

To which Joan responded,

“Edward III made a peace treaty with France in 1360 when he renounced his claim to the French throne in exchange for getting the territory of Aquitaine. Then France violated the treaty in 1369 forcing Edward III to resume his claims.

In 1396, Richard II of England made a truce with France and was working towards a permanent peace. That would have happened, had Richard not been overthrown by his cousin who became the false king Henry IV.

Henry V of England violated the truce and resumed war and he committed atrocities in Rouen. So God chose me to help save France.”

The apparition caused Pomme to immediately convert to Catholicism.

“I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior,” she said.

“Go with King Henry to his hideout. There, you will be baptized by Pope Peter II,” said Joan of Arc.

Chapter 3 Prophecy Fulfilled
(click to show/hide)And so, Jacob made a YouTube video about the Great Monarch titled, The Great Monarch is coming.

“I was visited by the Great Monarch of Catholic prophecy and Saint Joan of Arc. He told me to make this video to start a chain of events that will fulfill the prophecy. Turkey is a nuclear superpower, but this YouTube video will miraculously lead to its fall. The Great Monarch will liberate America, Europe and the Holy Land and rebuild the Church of Hagia Sophia. All hail King Henry and Pope Peter II!”

The video became viral. Jacob was arrested and brought to the nearest base where he was interrogated. They attempted to get him to reveal the location of the secret hideout through torture. He did not give in, so he was executed. This will be important later in the story.

Pomme gave birth to Jacob Harrison Jr. on January 20, 2021. The childbirth caused her to fall ill and since World War III caused a major loss in doctors and medical technology, she joined her husband in purgatory. Jacob Harrison Jr. was therefore adopted by the Great Monarch Henry.

In 2034, General Zekai Aksakallı, a secret convert to Catholicism who was ordained into the clergy had his forces launch attacks destroying all of Turkey’s nuclear weapons which finally allowed the conquered Americans and Europeans to rebel.

Henry began the rebellion in America. He restored the United States and then his army crossed over into Europe. It was World War IV.

He restored rightful monarchy in Europe and the rightful nobility in England and became King of France, England, and Holy Roman Emperor and was given Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake.

When Jacob Jr. turned 16, he began fighting in the battles, with the mystic sword Arondight given to him by the Lady of the Lake.

By 2038, Constantinople and the Holy Land were liberated. The Pope held the Third Vatican Council which repealed all the reforms of the Second Vatican Council and restored the Tridentine Mass. Jacob Harrison was also canonized as a Saint.

On April 22, 2038, Peter II died.

Then from Good Friday to Easter 2038, there was the prophesied 3 Days of Darkness where the world became dark and God punished mankind. Around 1/4 of mankind heeded the supernatural warning that came on February 7, 2038. They lit blessed candles and took shelter inside their homes which they sprinkled with Holy Water as protection from demons.

The rest of mankind perished due to the pestilence in the air and the demons that roamed the Earth with an exception of a few who were soon converted.

On the morning after Easter, the sun finally rose again. It was the Age of Mary, an era of peace for the world. Saints Peter and Paul came down from heaven and chose Zekai Aksakallı as Pope Peter III. Then came the Fourth Vatican Council, the greatest ecumenical Council ever which defined every doctrine such as Limbo for unbaptized infants and gave the correct interpretations of scripture.

Jacob Harrison Jr. married in 2039 and had a daughter called Anne born on October 1 2039 and then a son called Jacob Harrison III born on July 13 2040.

Anne later became a nun and Jacob III became a knight.

Chapter 4 Jeopardy of a Fellow
(click to show/hide)It was morning on April 26, 2063, the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Age of Peace. The 22 year old Knight Jacob Harrison III, the holder of the mystic sword Arondight was in the gardens of the Great Monarch’s palace in Constantinople picking vegetables as there was barely any wars in this age. 

There he saw a small humanoid with wings flying about the garden.

Jacob III had never seen a fairy before, but he knew well enough to know this was one of them. "Little fairy, what are you doing out here?"

The fairy flew over to him. "It's terrible Mr. Knight! The Fairies have been attacked in our forest by the old god Pales, who wants to harvest our energy to return him to prominence!"

“Old God? There is no god but Yahweh,” replied Jacob III.

“I will clarify,” said the fairy. “The old gods are not real gods. They are  powerful shape-shifting aliens who got ancient peoples in your world to worship them which gives them psychic energy. They lost their prominence in your world when monotheism spread.”

"Can you bring me to this forest of yours? I'd like to help you fight off Pales!" Jacob III said with a smile.

The fairy took great heart of this, and motioned in front of him, creating a larger than normal gateway, "A long time ago, we brought our sacred forest into another dimension, for safe keeping! Please don't tell anyone here about it..."

Jacob III replied, "You have my word, my lips are sealed."

The fairy danced about in the air, and said, "Ohh thank you so much Mr. Knight! Tamerin is going to be sooo happy!"

With that both the fairy and Jacob III went into the dimensional doorway, which closed off behind them.


In the Fairy Forest, Jacob III was immediately assaulted by the smell of burning wood. Numerous large humanoid creatures were carrying around torches, the trees here burning, but never quite ending up totally destroyed or damaged beyond repair.

Jacob III did not even listen to the cries of the fairy to be careful, splitting one of these vile marauders in two in one swing of Arondight.

Two others closed in, only to be cut through with almost casual ease by the sword Arondight, one after the other.

Each foe seemed to dissolve into dust upon being vanquished, and Jacob III eventually turned to look at the fairy after he was sure the fighting was halted for now. "What...are those things? I don't think they're humans..."

The fairy answered, "Pales brought those things with him. He called them Lesser Titans - he ordered them to burn the forest...I've...I've never seen anyone handle them as well as you did."

There was a sound of blades clashing, and Jacob III immediately ran off to the sounds of fighting, seeing a young boy fending off easily five of the Lesser Titans, these ones wielding blades instead of mere torches.

The boy was covered with shallow wounds, including one on his cheek, having dark hair and blue eyes, clothed in a large jacket with a hood and slacks. What caught Jacob III’s attention about him was the presence of a floating spear / sword hybrid. The sword spear had a large blade with a long handle.

The floating blade whirred through the air and countered each strike extremely quickly, the young boy coordinating the blade with his hands.

When one of the Lesser Titans slipped through, Jacob III acted, quick as lightning - sending a bolt straight from his sword at the Lesser Titan, frying the monster on contact. Moving through the new opening, the boy and Jacob III put their backs up against one another, and asked, "Mind telling me how you do that trick with the spear?"

The boy ruminated aloud, "...don't think you're one of the fairies, guess Miru brought a Knight in. How about I tell you after we fight off these clunkers?"

Jacob III simply nodded and fended off a swing from one of the Titans, followed by the sword spear flying in and slicing through the Lesser Titan.

The floating weapon then deflected an attack aimed at the boy, which Jacob III took advantage of to blast the Lesser Titan into a nearby lake.

The spear then glowed and turned into about eighty flying miniature versions of itself that ripped through one of the Lesser Titans mid-attempt at a sneak attack, reassembling into the main form.

Jacob III then finished off the last one with a skewering attack that was followed up by slashing up and out the shoulder area. He then turned and looked at the boy. The boy’s spear then produced what looked like a droplet of odd golden water, which the boy applied to his hand. The shallow wounds by and large healed, leaving Jacob III marveling at a truly multi-purpose arsenal in one weapon.

The boy promptly brought his weapon over to him, and stated, "Well, fighting those things off proves you're not one of Pales' goons. Little Miru probably mentioned me - I'm Tamerin, the current Fairy King."

Jacob III looked the younger man up and down - he barely looked fourteen, and a small bemused look came to his face, "...Pretty short for a King..."

Tamerin glowered at him, "I could still hit my growth spurt! Don't laugh!...haah...dammit." He then sighed, and looked around, "...much as I'd like to settle that matter, we have to focus on defeating Pales."

Jacob III nodded - for a little guy, he could definitely respect Tamerin's tenacity and dedication to his people. "...then let's continue, Tam. Speaking of names, my name's Jacob Harrison III the grandson of Saint Jacob Harrison."

Before long it looked like they found the camp Pales was using, guarded by far more of the Lesser Titans than prior.

Jacob III looked over at Tam confidently, and at the number of the Lesser Titans involved, "I'll take the ten on the left."

Tam bantered back at him, "Aww, and I thought the ten on the left looked pretty good...I guess I'll take the ten on the right then."

The two then charged in as the Lesser Titans rushed at them.

Jacob III accentuated his movement with lightning, slashing and crashing through the numerous Lesser Titans, his sword at every impact setting loose the crash of thunder. He let loose a tremendous hammer of lightning down on a whole group of the Lesser Titans, constantly moving out of their reach just moments before an attack would connect.

Tam had a few more problems with them - he needed to keep them off of him, owing to the fact he did not have such armor or abilities. He cursed under his breath and sliced through two of the Lesser Titans, followed by skewering one coming for him from behind right through the spinal column.

Turning his spear into its eighty darts form let him form what amounted to a flying swarm of blades, cutting down more of the Lesser Titans, but this had its obvious downsides. He needed to call it back together to defend him from another sword swing from a Lesser Titan.

Finally though, he cut through the last few on his end, and noted it seemed Jacob III got done a bit faster.

All that remained now, it seemed...was Pales, in one of the clearings just past that little encampment.

Chapter 5 Fight to Counter
(click to show/hide)Jacob Harrison III and Tamerin stood before the old god himself, the god of Shepherds Pales.

It took the form of a large donkey, with black fur and glowing red eyes. It was decorated with various gems and totems.

The creature spoke, "You two have interfered far enough in our operation here. The resources of this forest, if given over to we Old Gods, would aid tremendously in our recovery to prosperity. You, the new generation, must give your blood to ensure the old sustains itself. Such is the method of guaranteeing fertility."

Jacob III stepped forward, clenching his sword tightly, "And you know what? I don't give a damn about that! You are a false god who came here apropos of nothing, burned the forest these fairies live in, you don't deserve pity and you certainly won't be getting our blood freely given."

Tamerin was next to move forward, pointing his spear at Pales, "I've heard, for hours, my subjects crying out in pain - seen their homes burn down...Pales, you are unforgivable! Yggdrasoil, my Spear, will claim justice this day for your crimes!"

Pales scoffed outright at these displays, seemingly empty eyes glowing red, "Impudent young wretches, both of you will feed the prosperity of tomorrow with your corpses."

Jacob III leaped out of the way as a mass of gnarled, twisted roots erupted out of the ground, Tamerin likewise gliding along.

Neither had much chance to stop, more roots erupting from the ground, Jacob III blasting through them with a burst of lightning, while Tamerin spun his spear around and ripped through the roots. The old god watched the two deftly dodging and commentated, "It appears that if life is not to your liking, I must bring the natural cycle to death."

Pales let out a horrid shriek and emitted dark energy from his mouth, visibly killing even the grass it passed over.

Jacob III desperately moved out of the way - right into another grouping of the gnarled roots, which promptly wrapped around the young knight, restraining him. Pales outright chuckled, watching Tamerin dodge the attack but evade the follow up move.

The old god gloated, "Hmph. And with that the worst hassle has been dealt with. Now I merely need to reckon with you, arrogant boy-king. Did you honestly believe he could be of help?" The old god looked at Jacob III, who was struggling to try and free himself, "That human is nothing but a slave to his god like humans once were to us. See how proudly it wears its finery, flouncing around playing at defender. When the reality is - humans are only good for the energy they stand to give we the gods."

The spear Yggdrasoil then almost sliced Pales, resulting in the Old God having to change his position for the first time in the fight, breathing and looking around as the floating spear rushed in several more times, faster each time.

Tamerin scowled, clenching one fist, "...And on top of everything else, you look down on me. Not like its a new feeling. But he..." Tamerin looked at Jacob III for a moment, "...he was willing to come in, help me and my people. You will not spit on his valor in the King of the Fairies' forest!"

The spear then divided into a swarm of eighty of itself, flying at Pales in a swarm of sixty, while twenty of them flew over to Jacob III and commenced cutting loose the roots.

Pales dodged and lifted himself up on his roots, but each time he summoned the roots, they were sliced within a minute of spawning into existence by the swarm form of Yggdrasoil. All sixty of them stabbed into him...

...and were blasted backward by a burst of dark energy, the old god stating in a rumbling tone, "I will not see insolent children maim and damage me, if I must battle you seriously, then I will reduce you to nothing but crumbled offerings!!"

Jacob III helped the little spears get him free as fast as possible. He did not want to leave Tamerin alone to fight that old god alone. And when the spears finally got him free, he looked over in time to see a massive amount of dark energy gathering in Pales' mouth.

There was no time to interrupt this - there was only the most dangerous option left to Jacob III, "the current".

The knight began running, seeing the massive dark energy emit itself in a veritable tidal wave of force out of Pales' mouth, which seemed to distend itself to more capably release all this entropic force. Tamerin murmured, "Shit...nowhere to run from an attack this big!" He then saw Jacob III move in front, positioning his sword in an oddly defensive stance, "Don't tell me you're going to try and shield me from that! I-I don't want you to lose your life for me...not like..."

Jacob III looked back at Tamerin briefly to show him a confident smile.

He then resumed concentration, and the attack crashed into his guarded position.

Pales gloated aloud, "Very well then - if you shall resist me together, then the two of you shalt die together..." However the massive wave of force didn't seem to be advancing much further against Jacob III’s guarded position, "...What? How is he not dead, when faced with this much decay and death? It is not possible..."

Jacob III actually stepped forward, the dark energy slowly showing sparks of energy around it...funneling it, caging it with thin lines of electric force.

Rather than explain what was due to happen, Jacob III simply went forward with it - slashing forward with his sword from its defensive position. This resulted in the massive amount of energy emitted by Pales, surrounded by "chains" of electric energy, following the movement of Jacob III’s sword, rushing right back at the prone old god.

The tremendous counterattack ripped right through the old god, and as its form started to destabilize, it commented one last time, "...brought low by the cycle of life and death, pushed back against me. But the other old gods will avenge me when they return to Earth."

The old god then dropped dead and its form was revealed to be a grey alien. Its soul went to Limbo as it was not human and therefore neither holy nor a sinner. Jacob III fell to one knee, his whole body letting out smoke and steam from the strain of doing that particular move.

Tamerin went to Jacob III’s side, "S-Sir Jacob!"

Jacob III wavered a bit on his feet, "C-Current Counter always takes a lot out of not worry, Tam, I am mostly fine..." He tried to get back up on his feet, but fell forward again.

Tamerin sighed, and stated, "You certainly do not look fine. I will have our healers bring you back to tip top shape...I am so sorry for inflicting my troubles on you, Sir Jaco---"

Jacob III interjected one last time, distinctly feeling like consciousness was starting to slip, "You...can address me as Jacob. We old god together..." And with that he fell unconscious.


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