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Jacob Harrison’s second revision of Niam’s story

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Hello I am Jacob Harrison’s brother which is why our IP’s match. My account is named after a former cat we had who is now deceased. Jacob Harrison discovered new information about England that made him decide to write another version of Parallel Hero in the parallel universe where the true king is restored to England’s throne. The link to his new version is below. Here is his introduction.

--- Quote ---This story and its sequel teach an important moral lesson. But first I must give important updates.

I reread the chapter of Ian Mortimer’s book Medieval Intrigue called Richard II and the Succession to the Crown which explains how Richard II of England repeatedly changed his choice as heir.

When Richard II was overthrown and held captive, being pressured to abdicate, he said he wasn't sure who he would resign the throne to. That means that both the Houses of Lancaster and York had valid claims to the throne. While Henry IV barred the Beauforts from the line of succession, it is evident that Henry VI rescinded that bar from the throne. Therefore Henry VII was the legitimate heir to the House of Lancaster

While I was previously a Ricardian who believed Richard III was England’s last true king, I did more research on canon law which governed English succession in the 15th century and found out that it has been part of canon law back then that an invalid marriage is considered putative if it is celebrated in good faith by at least 1 party so if Edward IV married Eleanor Butler before marrying Elizabeth Woodville, his second marriage would be putative if Elizabeth did not know about his prior marriage when she married him and bore children. Therefore, their children would still be legitimate and Elizabeth of York was the heir to the House of York, so her marriage with Henry VII united their claims.

Therefore, this guy is the rightful heir to the throne.

In the 1700s, the Jacobite heir Charles Edward Stuart recognized the independence of the United States making the US government legitimate, but all the other lands that were part of the British Empire prior to 1688 when the last true king James II was overthrown are rightful territories of Joseph Wenzel.

Also, while I previously reconciled my Catholicism with my English nationalism by saying that God chose Joan of Arc to save France because Richard II made a truce with France and was working towards a permanent peace, while the false king Henry V was an aggressor, I did more research on the Hundred Years War and found out that Richard II’s peace with France was only a temporary and the underlying issues of the Hundred Years War such as the status of Aquitaine was not resolved. When Henry V tried negotiating with France, the French refused to concede English sovereignty over Aquitaine which was the terms of the 1360 Treaty of Brétigny. This made England justified in continuing their claim to the French Throne and invading France.

Therefore I cannot be Catholic since the Catholic Church canonized Joan of Arc as a Saint. Therefore, when I restore the true heir to the thrones of England, Ireland, and France, I must have the English  infiltrate the Catholic Church and have an agent of my society become Pope and have him de-canonize Joan of Arc.

--- End quote ---

He hopes that this version is better than his previous version. The first 12 chapters are borrowed from Niam’s story, and in the later chapters, he makes his Kiwi Farms fiancée Pomme a stronger character. He also made this story a crossover between King Arthur, Star Wars, Super Mario, and Lord of the Rings.


Sigmaleph, mind dealing with this parasite?

You just have to admire his dedication.


--- Quote from: niam2023 on August 12, 2019, 05:16:35 pm ---...sigh.

Sigmaleph, mind dealing with this parasite?

--- End quote ---
Jacob said that he wants to thank you for writing the first 12 chapters that he incorporated.

By incorporated you mean plagiarized, Jacob.


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