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Is your God your color?

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Gnostic Christian:
Is your God your color?

Student Asks Sadhguru What Is God? - YouTube

I am not racist, but if your God is not your color, you are not thinking of God properly.

Gnostic Christians name their God, I am.

Are you that enlightened?


ironbite: god is a ball of light that lives in my head.


When you say your colour, what exactly do you mean?

I mean are you referring to the colour of your skin?

Or the colour of your eyes?

Or the colour that really suits you, as in 'Oh my god, purple, purple is my colour!'?

I am really curious as to your answer but I suspect your response to be terribly supercilious along the lines of :'yes'

Tolpuddle Martyr:
Well, there's a bit of truth behind all the waffle. People do tend to project themselves on to their god or gods. Kind of like how rednecks depict extraterrestrials as livestock-tormenting, butt probing oddballs.

I suppose so? But also not. Because if there is an omnipotent being who created all of humanity and the cosmos, I'd imagine they can appear as any race, species, gender (or lack thereof) that they wish to appear as for whatever purpose that may serve.


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