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Is your God your color?

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I don't think gnostic christian actually believes in an omnipotent or omniscient god.

I suspect it is something more like this:

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Tolpuddle Martyr:

--- Quote from: Kanzenkankaku on August 25, 2022, 07:49:07 am ---I suppose so? But also not. Because if there is an omnipotent being who created all of humanity and the cosmos, I'd imagine they can appear as any race, species, gender (or lack thereof) that they wish to appear as for whatever purpose that may serve.

--- End quote ---

Sure, they could, but if we're talking about how human beings depict their gods then, they picture them as looking like them. Most depictions of gods, pagan, Hindu etc look like representatives from the local population.
There aren't many statues of the Abrahamic god, but a lot of the depictions that do exist as with renaissance art, he looks like the old white dudes who were running the church and the aristocracy back then, that or borrowed features from Zeus or Jupiter.

In the end this was just a weird drive by. Unless of course GC started taking his anti-psychotics or less likely stopped smoking big chunks of crack.


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