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Tennessee Anti-Bullying Law to Change

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Cause it's ok to bully someone for being gay if it's for religious reasons

Exactly what it says too.  A group in Tennessee wants to make an amendment to the Anti-Bullying laws to give a religious excemption so they can continue to harass LBGTQ teens to death.  It's like they're not even trying anymore.  Didn't Jesus say treat thy neighbor as you yourself would be treated?

Ironbite-I hate fundies.

Funny how fundies accuse other people of wanting special rights, when they're the ones demanding special rights to be assholes.

N. De Plume:
Yeah, ‘cause calling a kid “Fag” is so much less hurtful when preceded by “God hates you!”

"The purpose is to stop bullying." Yeah, give kids an acceptable excuse for their bigotry. That won't harm anyone.


--- Quote ---"The purpose is to stop bullying, not create special classes of people who are more important than others."
--- End quote ---

"It's not special rights when we do it."


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