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Making sense of the strange social norms on this board

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I'm still trying to get a sense for the way things work on this board. But so far, from what I've gathered:

1. It's perfectly acceptable to make the most crude, repulsive jokes on the [BAD JOKE] thread, as long as they are kept there, including Boston Marathon jokes and racist jokes.

2. Anything even slightly politically incorrect is totally unacceptable anywhere else on the board.

3. Personal attacks on other members are allowed anywhere.

4. You're allowed to hijack unrelated threads to insult other members because you are still pissy about something they said a whole week prior.

5. You can create hate threads directed against other members in Flame & Burn.

6. If you are upset because you think someone is "being a douchebag," your're allowed to be 10 times as much of a douchebag when whining about it.

7. When making a thread about a political figure, idea, or belief system you disagree with, the accepted practice is to fill it with hate and insults, rather than foster an intellectual discussion and critical analysis.

Please confirm that these are in fact the rules, because I intend to start engaging in all of these practices regularly from now on, in substitution of my original purpose for signing up here which was to critically analyze and discuss religious and political ideas.

(For the record, I don't expect to get a serious reply to this thread; I fully expect more insults and mud-slinging, because quite honestly, a good number of you are as hateful as the fundies you claim to oppose.)

Don't forget you're allowed to make threads that passive aggressively attack the forum.

That's a popular one.

As for #1, it's probably because it's long past most of the mods being willing to look directly at it. I've nuked it once already.

Rabbit of Caerbannog:

I like your avatar.

Come back in 2 months or so when people might take you seriously again.


--- Quote ---2. Anything even slightly politically incorrect is totally unacceptable anywhere else on the board.
--- End quote ---

Strawman. You didn't get lambasted for being "slightly politically incorrect", nor did anyone else. You made a joke in a thread about the bombing shortly after it occurred and when one of the members' friends had lost her arm to it, and then responded to people telling you "Too soon" by insulting them and talking about how /b/ is like the real world.


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