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How do we save FQA

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Well, I understand we're having a hard time getting new blood in the forums due to our separation from FSTDT. So, what are we gonna do about it?

1) Publicity. We'll need a lot of it.

2) Maybe find a site to link up with. That could help a lot, and make us more visible off the bat.

We had a project thread for just this purpose right after the break off from FSTDT. Interest waned, apparently. The proposals were all good. I think we should re-visit them, or just go ahead and take the plunge for asking to be listed on Rational Wiki and etc., even though, yes, it will also open us up to some trolls. But, we've always had fun with our chew why not just go ahead and do that?

True... trolls can be fun when they're fun trolls and not just drive-bys.

We need to stop lollygagging and start that darn blog already. If we attach ourselves to another site it's less likely we survive.

I thought someone had linked this place somewhere? I saw two guests registering for accounts when I checking the list less than an hour ago. I take it I was wrong in my assumption?


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