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Sour Grapes:
The signatures are a wee bit too big...  Well at least I think.  If the sigs are big enough for me to wonder why somebody would post the same .gif in two different threads, while staring fascinated at the gainaxing... They're just wee bit too big.  >.>

Don't judge me!  The gainaxing is positively hypnotising!



EDIT:  Ahhhhh... I seeeeeeeee.

If you have a particular sig in mind, either contact the poster and ask them to change it, or talk the mods. There is, in fact, a rule about overly large signatures, though I haven't put any strict limits on it through the forum software yet.

I PM'd one member who had a rather large .gif in his signature but haven't seen any response from him. I am hoping that mine isn't too large but it won't be a big deal to resize it.

I second the concern about overly large signatures, and add that since on occasion I have to use a rather old and slow computer, animated GIFs anywhere (but especially in signatures and as avatars) are highly irksome.


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