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Jacob Harrison:
This is something that Niam should know about King Michael’s ancestry. I did research on Galileo and found out that the Pope committed an ex cathedra error disproving Papal Infallibility.

In the parallel universe, I as Arch Cleric must have done research and discovered that. And it affected who the true heir was. I therefore discovered that Michael not Jaime was the true heir, so after Jaime’s death I spoke in favor of Michael’s succession after Jaime’s death in 2018. It also caused me to convert from Roman Catholicism to Anglo Catholicism.

Papal infallibility affects who the true heir was because it means that the Church Canon law of consanguinity against Henry II’s marriage does not matter since they did not annul the marriage and therefore his children and successors are legitimate. It means that his descendants, the Yorkist kings Edward IV and his brother Richard III were the rightful kings of England and Richard III was England’s last true king. His seizure of the throne from his nephew Edward V was because they were the illegitimate children of Edward IV’s false bigamous marriage. Michael must be the Yorkist heir to the throne by being a descendant of Richard III’s eldest sister.

By the way, how is your college work going? Will you soon have the time to write Chapter 11 Part 2. Also, please explain why you said that Parallel Hero is not a Christian story. The main character is a Christin Knight.

Jacob Harrison:
Anyway in this universe, I can get you guys and others to help me with my plan to restore the true heir to the throne by showing you that it is a cause of social justice. The Wars of the Roses happened because the Yorkists claimed the throne by being senior in primogeniture because they were descended from the daughter of Lionel Duke of Clarence who did not have any sons. The Lancasterians claimed the throne by descent of John of Gaunt since they were mysogynists who didn’t think that females should inherit the throne.

The Yorkists were therefore on the feminist side of the Wars of the Roses and Elizabeth II is descended from the Lancasterian side. Therefore for the cause of social justice, you and others should support having the Yorkist heir put on England’s throne. Therefore join my society.

Tolpuddle Martyr:
Interesting as this is it's more creative outlets and less preachong and worship.

Jacob Harrison:

--- Quote from: Tolpuddle Martyr on November 14, 2018, 10:35:47 pm ---Interesting as this is it's more creative outlets and less preachong and worship.

--- End quote ---

I already wrote about King Michael’s accession in creative outlets.

Tolpuddle Martyr:
And this is also about your creative outlets for that is how categories work.


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