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A conflict between my English monarchism and Roman Catholicism


Jacob Harrison:
A am having an identity crisis. I did more research on English history. Pope Adrian IV authorized the Norman invasion of Ireland that caused the Lordship of Ireland to be established as a papal fief with King Henry II of England as the Lord of Ireland. That indicates that Pope Adrian IV considered his children to be legitimate because he agreed to have Henry II and his descendants be the Lords of Ireland.

However that also means that the English monarchs that claimed the French throne in the Hundred Year's War were legitimate monarchs. That causes a problem because according to the Catholic Church, God chose Joan of Arc to help Charles VII of France win victories against the English indicating that God considered Charles VII to be France's rightful monarch. So that causes an identity crisis between my English monarchism and Roman Catholicism. I see 3 possible solutions.

1. One of the monarchs between Henry II and Edward III was cuckolded. This would mean that Edward III, the first English monarch who claimed the French throne was illegitimate and not England's rightful King. I did find possible evidence from an article showing that the Y chromosome of Patrice de Warren a descendant of Geoffrey Plantagenet, the founder of the House of Plantagenet does not match the Y chromosomes of descendants of Edward III.

However that does not indicate whether the cuckolding happened between Geoffrey Plantagenet and Patrice de Warren which means that it would not affect Edward III's legitimacy, or between Edward III and his descendants which also would not affect his legitimacy, or between Geoffrey Plantagenet and Edward III.

2. God chose Joan of Arc not because he cared about the succession dispute over the French throne, but because the English leaders at the time were doing some abomination that made God choose France to win the Hundred Years War. I am not sure what they would be doing that offended God because the English at the time were devout Catholics just like the French. I will make a post about it on Catholic Answers Forums.

3. Joan of Arc was either lying or had mental illness which means that Roman Catholicism is not true since they canonized her. Because of that, do you have any proofs against Catholicism? Was a Pope ever fallible when defining a doctrine concerning faith or morals, or do you have other kinds of proofs? I am open minded and willing to hear some. If you can disprove Catholicism, I will convert to Anglicanism again.

Jacob Harrison:
I think I solved the conflict! God did not choose Joan of Arc because he cared about the succession dispute over the French crown but to punish England for the evil deeds of King Henry V. Henry V was an illegitimate Lancasterian monarch by the way. I posted about it on Catholic Answers Forums.

So therefore the Yorkist heir is the true heir to England, Ireland, and France. I should therefore update creative outlets to make that King Michael’s lineage. I made my profile picture the portrait of Richard III, England's last true King.


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