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Parallel Hero Chapter 1: Abaddon Tiding
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The messenger rode throughout the night, drove four horses to their deaths, and still needed to keep moving - he had information that would either see the Europan Kingdom rally its defenses, or be broken against the waves coming from the east. He had seen the locust monsters in their swarms, and been forced to abandon his company, vassal-kingdom and friends to bring this forward.

Six different wounds, lacerated and oozing blood, presented a drain on the young messenger's stamina.

By the time he arrived at New Camelot, he was half dead and delirious - murmuring about the threat to come to anyone within sight.

The great capitol of the Europan Kingdom was enormous, full of thriving markets, towns, villages and even quasi-cities thriving within the walls. At the center of course was the Quicksilver Castle that formed New Camelot's backbone. The King lived out of that place, great and coursing with life. Divided into quarters for courtiers living in the castle, knights, and royal apothecaries.

Numerous knights gave the bedraggled man distance, only one figure running forward to take the messenger unto one shoulder and help him into the Castle Infirmary.


The young man in question was Sir Gabriel Dulac, holder of the Mystic Sword Arondight.

What had once been an average boy had grown through training and aptitude in battle against man or fiend into a muscular young paragon at 24 years of age. His light brown almost blond hair was middling in length, resting at the middle of his neck, and he wore blue and white armor inlaid with certain odd circuits and runes.

His face was fair, with only the lightest amount of stubble resting upon his cheeks.

...And as of now, young Gabriel was calling for a medic to help the messenger.

Even as the medics came and brought the messenger on to a stretcher, the young man coughed up blood and forced a scroll into Gabriel's hands. "You...must...p-please...they devoured everything..."

And then the messenger went slack upon the stretcher. His eyes went dim, and then dark. The blood flowed freely, speckled with small metallic pieces - whatever had done this to him had left ample bits of itself within him. Blood thinned was blood that flowed longer and resulted in exsanguination.

The head medic cursed under his breath, "...Dead. Damn it. What happened?"

Gabriel replied, looking at the scroll, "This probably explains everything. He died to bring this here. Whatever dastards did this...they very nearly claimed this man too, at the site of the incident..."

The medic remarked, "...And even still, he died. Take that to King Michael, and make sure you speak nothing of this to any of the other Knights. Spreading panic would likely do half the work of whoever did this to this poor boy."

Gabriel only then realized in truly examining the dead man how young this boy was indeed - the wounds belied it, but it was obvious. The young man was around 17 at most, probably only just finishing up his squire vocation.

"What a tragedy..." The knight whispered to himself.

With that, and reinforced in needing to see something done about this, he marched out.


The King's chambers were quiet at this hour. Most of the courtiers had finished their business and went to their estates, only a few knights remained to speak of the completion of their quests. That was when Gabriel entered, striding meaningfully and outright shoving one man out of the way.

Michael propped himself up on the throne's arm rests, "G-Gabriel? What is it? What's going on?"

Gabriel knelt before the throne, remembering pleasantries, "My liege, a messenger arrived mere moments earlier. He was seriously wounded and died amidst the apothecaries - but he died giving this scroll to me. It must be something important if he rode here direly wounded."

Michael cupped his chin and toyed with his beard, "Recite it for me, Gabriel."

Nodding, Gabriel opened the scroll and recoiled in shock at several dried spots of blood, a deliberate but hurried styling to the English of the scroll, and the signature of the Monarch of the Vassal Kingdom of Argilla. He cleared his throat and recited aloud, "They came in the dead of night, they flew through the sky ten thousand thick in every direction - their wings did fill the night with sounds of their woeful flight. They not only fought my finest knights, but devoured them, armor and all. Death came for all, noble, peasant or knight. They pried my poor daughter in half and---dear God, they yet hunger for more. I send this message to you, my King, to say that they come from the East. They surge west, bringing chaos to the land and ruin to the people. They are the Apollyon Horde, led by the vile Angel of the Abyss, self proclaimed King Abaddon. Let this be word of warning - mobilize and be ready to fight this Sovereign of Ruin."

Gabriel rolled the scroll back up, awaiting his King's orders.

Michael seemed to contemplate, rocking back on his throne and letting out a strained breath, "...burn that. Until this so called "Angel of the Abyss" is able to be seen and presents a danger to MY Kingdom, we will not move out or retaliate. For all we know this could be trickery by our enemies."

Gabriel's eyes widened, did his old friend have no compassion for the man who died to bring this information to the kingdom? "B-But my liege, it seems prudent with such a powerful foe---"

Michael cut him off, scoffing, "It cannot truly be THE Abaddon. He is due only to emerge from the Abyss once God has scourged the planet and prepares for the tribulation. Likewise, the Apollyon cannot be out and about. I will take this warning, but only as that of a far too pretentious bandit horde."

Gabriel tightened his grip on the scroll and looked down. He was familiar with his friend's tics, but this was a most uncharacteristic move. Did not the Knightly Code of Chivalry say that the weak are to be protected? This was not the time to hunker down and operate only within the borders!

Michael spoke again, "Burn that, Gabriel. Mark my words - we are not going to engage with countries beyond our borders, not even vassal states."

Gabriel emptily answered, "Yes, my liege. May I be excused?"

"Yes. Remember, our commitment is solely to our own peoples' defense, not that of outsiders."

Gabriel then walked out, his eyes planted on the floor. He kept walking until he reached his chambers, threw the door open and then slammed it shut, and punched the door once for good measure. The knight pulled off his armor, set his Mystic Sword aside, and looked down at the scroll now resting on the bed. He looked in the large mirror at the side of his bed, at the man he'd become.

"...I can't stand for this."
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