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Parallel Hero Chapter 3: The Knight Life
« on: August 04, 2018, 06:36:57 pm »
Gabriel was rather surprised when three knocks issued from the door - and went to answer. Queen Iva promptly entered, and Gabriel's eyes immediately looked over the beautiful woman who had played a tremendous part in his life throughout the Reclamatory War and even after.

The Queen made no secret of her adoration of Gabriel - the rigors of battle and training had left the young man an amazing sight not just for her but for the maids and other female serving staff. Without his armor and standing in a tied up, tight black shirt and slacks, he cut a tall and handsome profile.

And Gabriel knew it.

"Did you wish to speak to me, my Queen? About any private matters for us to discuss?" He had not meant to make his tone quite so low and sultry, but there it was. He wanted her, and he knew she wanted him.

She nodded, pretending she wasn't as affected by that as she was, "...I know my husband ordered you to burn that scroll, and I don't think its right to ignore their suffering. I overheard everything and...Gabe, I know you. I know you're strong, and fast as lightning. And I know you don't want to let this injustice go. So please..."

Gabriel crossed his arms in front of his chest, "I know. I won't go running off ill prepared. I know after what happened to him..."

She looked down, "This was not the marriage I'd imagined. But I intend l-love him..."

Gabriel wanted to take her in his arms, damn it all, and give her the proper experience of a lover, but alack, he was but a knight, and she was Queen.

That was when she brought something up, bringing Gabriel out of his contemplation, "In about an hour, there will be a meeting of the Knights at the Round Table to discuss border security and defense. My husband most likely wants to make sure that scroll is out of sight and out of mind before you head there."

Gabriel gave her a confident smile, "Don't worry, I won't explicitly bring it up."

Iva then suddenly moved closer and hugged the young knight, and both were thankful for the solitude of rooms such as these. Gabriel for his part was rather shocked, this could be construed as her making a move on him. But right now, he didn't care. And he knew she wanted warmth and love right now. So he returned the hug, only breaking away when she did.


The New Round Table was a marvel of science and magic.

It levitated off of the ground, and displayed a massive map above itself, the structure itself made of blue rock engraved with holy runes derived of angelic works, and constantly rotating. This map showed the whole of the Europan Kingdom's territories, from Bonny England to the furthest of Italy and Sicilly, all the way to the Eastern Vassal States, Constantinople and the Holy Land Crusader State.

One was blacked out now.

Gabriel knew exactly which one that was. There would be no discussion WHY that was, he knew, nor would there be any discussion countenanced of venturing out there to discover its state.

My King, I cannot agree with this course of action.

Gabriel was again clad in his armor for this meeting, as was custom, Arondight across his back.

Standing at stations across the Table were every one of the holy Knights, said to be descendants of the original Arthurian Knights of the Round Table.

King Michael only appeared as a magical image at the head of the Table - some would call that a hologram - due in part to "other things" he needed to do. "Now, everyone, I have called this Moot to session because of various factors that have become visible to me due to sources close to the throne..." Gabriel was about to take heart - thinking Michael was actually moving based on the intelligence from that scroll - when instead he promptly gestured at a far closer locale, "Barbarians formerly kept in line by local powers have been raiding again. One would think they would know their place by now, but SOMETHING has them thinking they can plunder again."

Gabriel was about to offer the suggestion of the Europan Kingdom being bloodied upon its nose by the Angel of the Abyss when another Knight spoke up; "I believe we should form up a border defense team. I would advocate Gabriel, myself, Sir Patrick, and Sir Eugene to lead the way, along with a good number of casualry soldiers."

The speaker was Sir Jerome Calazzo, a cunning man from Italy who styled himself every bit the old fashioned lothario in appearance. Well coiffed black hair rested upon a slick mediterranean tanned countenance, a light mustache upon his face framed likewise by a goatee, and wearing darker armor than Gabriel's.

Gabriel was unfamiliar with his term for lower class soldiers, but he caught its meaning at the very least.

Michael seemed to contemplate this, and nodded, "Very well, Sir Jerome, you may have this border defense force. You will share joint command with my good friend Gabriel. But keep in mind. This is a border defense force. You are not to advance beyond the border without extremely good reason in doing so."

Gabriel looked down to conceal his scowl. Not only was the King uninterested in pursuing the intelligence, but he was also taking every action needed to try and prevent anyone else from acting on it.

That was when Sir Larg spoke up, "My liege, these fighting men are chomping at the bit to possibly engage in battle again, would it truly be wise in a time of peace to form such a unit? Surely what rests beyond our immediate borders can be resolved without needing to involve our more powerful knights."

Larg was a large, unfit and gluttonous man, known for his enjoyment of food, gold acquisition and women. He was nonetheless one of the richest men on the Table Council, and despite his vices he was an appointment needed to keep his wealthy and powerful family loyal.

Gabriel however found him a disgusting parasite of a creature and one they'd have been better off ridding themselves of before he metastasized too much into the Council.

Michael didn't contemplate that long in issuing a response, "I am aware of the danger of foreign commitment, and I trust my Knights to fulfill my will and aims even in my absence. Gabriel has proven himself a loyal and faithful, Christian soul. Stay your worries Sir Larg, and if you truly worry you may follow them along as an observer."

Gabriel wanted to retch at the idea of this cretin following them around, acting as he usually did, but Jerome sent him a certain look.

Gabriel sighed and stayed his tongue.

The King then put his hands upon the table and said, "If this is all that need be said, then the Round Table is adjourned for today. I trust each of you will enact every order I have dictated, here or elsewhere..." He said with a particular glance toward Gabriel, "...I know I can trust you all."

And with that the image of the King disappeared.

As the Round Table Knights commenced exiting, Gabriel started toward the exit, but found his way blocked off by Larg, who glared up at the taller man. "I know you golden hearted boys, and your fascination with virtue and adventure. I find it disgusting - know that I am going to make sure NOTHING happens. You can drill and practice with the troops at the border, but no dallying into foreign lands will occur on my watch..."

Gabriel promptly grabbed Larg by the collar, hoisting the portly man effortlessly, "...a parasite like you has no right to speak of such things. You do nothing but inhale food and exhale profanity."

A couple knights extricated the two from each other with a tired sigh - this had happened prior, numerous times in fact - and Larg dusted himself off, "Virtue signalling brats like you make me sick, Gabriel. You pretend at goodness, but I know! I know better!"

Jerome then walked over and asked, "Don't you have young maidens to harass, Lord Larg?"

Larg huffed and walked off, out of the council room.

Jerome turned to look at Gabriel, and sighed, "Hot-headed as always, Sir Gabriel "The Lightning Strike" Dulac. As hot in the head as the bolts of lightning that give you your moniker."

Gabriel glowered, clenching a fist tightly, " moment...just one moment with him, and I would make that vile parcel of crimes a charred corpse..."

Jerome outright laughed, and clasped a hand around Gabriel's shoulder, "Would that could be the case! As it is, we merely need hope whatever is going on past the borders acquires that abuser for another of its victims. Let us go, lad, such that we don't inspire another scene here."

Gabriel followed Jerome out, looking back at the throne room. How was it that he only really noticed the flaws in this new Kingdom when it all stopped moving for but a moment?
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