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Parallel Hero Chapter 9: Dark Beyond Shadows
« on: August 13, 2018, 03:58:29 am »
A woman drifted along on the wind, resting her feet upon a black mist as if she was some sort of fey ballerina. While her pose was elegant and refined, her outfit hugged to every curve of her body, almost calculated to produce a reaction. One she actively looked forward each time it happened. Her hair was long, black, and framed her face, her right eye seeming human, but the left one starkly demonic. Barely any sclera present and the iris burned red.

A mirror moved up near her face, and showed the dark but distorted visage of the dark lord she served. "Bethicia, are you close to the goal?"

"If you mean that ratty little village, I'm close by, my lord."

"Good...good, its about time we made our move." The demon lord's face showed a scarlet grin even in its distorted look, red tipped teeth pressed against one another, "Playing the gadfly with that Japanese God's gaseous emission was immensely entertaining, but now it is time to catch up to that abyssal creature."

Bethicia asked, cradling her face with one hand, "What am I even looking for? This is not exactly close to the center of New Camelot's authority. There probably aren't any artifacts laying around..."

The dark lord scoffed, "What exists in the springs of this town is far more valuable. You'll know it upon arrival - just by smelling the air. Bring the fabled panacea to me."

Bethicia was getting a remarkable feeling the closer she got to this old village, so perhaps appearances could deceive. "It will be as you command...Demon Lord Lucifer."


After that odd encounter with Magatsuhi, Gabriel led the way along to the border defense force, eager to get moving and not have any more distractions come his way. Ergo, he took the lead while Jerome and the Fairy King got to discussing things with one another.

Tamerin looked over at Jerome and pondered quietly, "...was Gabriel always as much of a hothead as he is now?"

Jerome wanted to dispute that, but he couldn't, "Aye - he's always had hot blood running through his veins. He was the first into a fight with Arondight, owed to that speed of his...and often he was last to leave, until he was sure every opponent was dealt with."

Tamerin's eyes widened, both wowed and a little cautious, knowing it'd be his and Jerome's jobs to make sure no runners happened, to use a certain term.

Gabriel looked back at the two, sneezing, but scoffing and deciding if they wanted to talk they could. He'd just focus on getting there.

And to his credit he set enough of a good pace that they'd be able to reach the border by the end of the next day. However this meant that they'd need to find succor, sustenance and safety for the night. Jerome, who always made sure to carry the maps for trips outdoors, fetched one of the Greater Artorian Area.

"It seems our logical stop would be the town of Edea Springs, just past the forest here and near the cliffs. They have some of the best springs in the whole of the area, to storied extents."

Gabriel crossed his arms and turned his horse, "We don't have the time to waste on fanciful ventures. The longer Abadd---the threat is on the loose, the longer there is present danger to the throne city." And to the queen.

Jerome sighed, "Whence you get your mind on off, Gabriel, the route from Edea Springs to the border area where we will meet up with the unit will be quick and easy. Unless undue complications ensue, tomorrow by the middle afternoon hours we should reach our destination."
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