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Happy Vaccination Day
« on: May 14, 2019, 01:47:03 pm »
Imagine you lived in a world ruled by invisible demons. Unseen and undetectable, they are everywhere and nowhere. Sadistic creatures, they only made themselves known when they attacked, hurting, torturing, killing whoever they wished. Young Children were their favorite targets, almost half of all children born would be killed by them. Sometimes they would go on rampages across cities, countries, the whole world, slaughtering at random at levels that even our own wars never matched. At times they would join forces with brutal conquerors, killing the invaded peoples leaders, decimating their armies and dooming the survivors to enslavement and subjugation. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop them. No army could fight them, no defense could keep them out, they could not be bargained, could not be moved with empathy. They just killed whoever they wanted and everyone lived completely at their mercy.

Today is the anniversary of the day all that started to change. When Edward Jenner discovered the means by which people could be shielded from the demons with Vaccination, the most important scientific breakthrough in human history that saved more lives then anything else. Other breakthroughs came from other scientists like John Snow, Louis Pasteur, and Alexander Fleming and now the in most of the world their is no longer a fifty fifty chance that a new baby will die before the age of ten.

Today really should be an international holiday. Make sure you celebrate and give thanks and above all else, Kick Andrew Wakefield in the balls.