Author Topic: Update on research on the royal family and a future plan  (Read 303 times)

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Update on research on the royal family and a future plan
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:53:58 pm »
I did more research on why Richard III’s Y chromosomes do not match other relatives. According to this article on Forbes promoting the Jacobite cause

“Two popular candidates for the cuckolds exist. One is Richard’s great-grandfather Edmund, Duke of York, whose wife, Princess Isabella of Castile, had an affair with a John Howard, according to a margin note in a Chaucer manuscript. Edmund notably left his youngest son, Richard, Earl of Cambridge, out of his will.

The other is Edward III himself. Some say his son John of Gaunt, the First Duke of Lancaster, was illegitimate, but the evidence is weak, based on the fact that John was born abroad in Flanders.”

Since the evidence that Edmund Duke of York was cuckolded was stronger than Edward III being cuckolded, that means that the descendants  of John of Gaunt, including Henry VII were legitimate, making the Jacobite line of succession legitimate as well. So I can return to being a Jacobite activist.

To promote the Jacobite cause, I am planning on writing the scripts of animated videos that I plan of having uploaded to YouTube.

The animated YouTube videos will take place in a parallel universe that split from ours in 2011 due to some aliens traveling through one of the divine wormholes and changing history which due to the paradox of time travel would cause there to be two parallel timelines, as changing history would prevent the time travel from happening.

In the parallel timeline, the Jacobite cause is successful with Joseph Wenzel becoming King of England, Scotland, Ireland, and France, and Holy Roman Emperor, the Neo Holy Roman Empire ruling over much of Europe, and much of the Middle East. The peace, freedom, order, justice, and security brought to Europe and the Middle East by the Empire will inspire people to support the Jacobite cause.

In the animation, me and my friend Shawn Jackson are the main characters.

I am not that good at animating so I will post the scripts here so that someone here can find them and make animations off of them. They can make money off the YouTube videos.