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Excalibur’s Return Chapter 5 A New Empire
« on: August 04, 2018, 07:32:29 am »
On January 3, 2015 the day new Republican members of Congress from the American Patriotic League were sworn into political office, making Congress domninated by the APL populist Republican’s, Congress declared war on the UK, Ireland, France, and Italy. President John Dulac gave his speech on the war.

“My fellow Americans. The APL Republicans who took over Congress are members of the Knights Templar which I am the Grand Master of and are fulfilling my plan. We all know about America’s Anglo Saxon heritage. Our language is English and other aspects of our culture come from England.

Because of that, and because I am the son of an immigrant from England, the Knights Templar wishes to restore the true heir to the throne of England to his rightful throne. Queen Elizabeth II is not the rightful Queen. She is descended from King Henry II who married Eleanor of Aquitaine his third cousin, violating the Catholic Church’s Canon law of consanguinity within the fourth degree. That made his children illegitimate and means all his descendants should not have sit on the throne.

The true heir to the Kingdom of England, Duchy of Normandy, and Lordship of Ireland Jaime, is also the heir to the thrones of Navarre and the Two Sicilies. Because of that, the US has declared war on the UK, Ireland, France, and Italy to restore him to those thrones. We surprised attacked them, carpet bombing their parliaments and now are sending troops in to occupy those countries. The other European countries have declared war on us, but our army is strong and will prevail. God bless the United States of America, and our troops.”

By March 29, 2015, Britain, France, Ireland, and Italy were successfully occupied. Scotland was given independence and the Kingdom of England was restored, with Normandy’s cost of arms being made it’s new flag. Jaime was crowned King of England, Navarre, the Two Sicilies, and Duke of Normandy. But the other European countries continued the war. The sword Excalibur returned being given to him by the Lady of the Lake.

By July 7, 2015 Europe was conquered and Pope Francis was forced to crown Jaime Holy Roman Emperor.

The Neo Holy Roman Empire with the US’s assistance then invaded Turkey to liberate Constantinople causing a war with Turkey and the Gulf Arab Nations. They allied with Russia and successfully conquered Turkey by August 15 2015. By April 19, 2016, the Gulf Arab States were conquered by the Neo Holy Roman Empire.

They then helped Israel defeat the Palestinian authority which was completed by July 3, 2016

Then to bring the Holy Land back into Christian hands, they invaded Israel and conquered it by September 22, 2016. The conquest of the lands was thankfully completed before John Dulac’s term as President was over, because the Americans were tired of the war, and Donald Trump who promised to take the United States out of the war won the 2016 Republican Primaries against John Dulac.

Now that the conquests were complete, King Jaime decided to get married. He picked the 18 year old Iva Stirling as his bride and the marriage was scheduled to happen on Christmas Eve 2016.
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Re: Excalibur’s Return Chapter 5 A New Empire
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And Iva Sterling did unbutton his Levis and his issue was as the issue of horses.

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