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Excalibur’s Return Chapter 9 Final Defeat
« on: August 04, 2018, 08:59:13 pm »
In the headquarters of the English rebels, General Fay was announcing his plan to overthrow Koopernicus and the Koopa Empire.

“We need to find the Knights Templar UFO so we can enter into the simulated reality and in the simulation, we should help the Mario Brothers, and the Mushroom Kingdom defeat Koopernicus and the Koopas to first overthrow Koopernicus,” said General Fay. “Then we can have the consciousness of the Mario Brothers and the Toads transferred into Koopa Empire prisoners of war so that they can surprise attack and bomb Rome, Naples, London, and Roen, to weaken England, Normandy, the Two Sicilies, and the Neo Holy Roman Empire, so that we can achieve victory.”

“We need you Michael Gavin, since you know about where the UFO is located by Buckingham palace. This is our only chance. We must attack Buckinham palace while our rebel organization still stands.

The Rebel planes got to Buckingham palace, bombing it. Michael and other rebel soldiers got in the UFO and entered the simulation. They walked to the gates of Princess Peach’s castle and knocked on the door.

Toad answered the door.

 “Hello. Who are you?” he said

“We request an audience with the Princess, said Michael.

“Come Inside.”

They arrived in Princess Peach’s throne room.

“Your majesty, we can help the Mario Brothers Defeat Koopernicus. And in return we ask for your Toad Troops defeat Koopernicus in the universe we come from.”

“That sounds like a good deal,” said Peach.

Michael and the army, the Mario Brothers, and the Mushroom Kingdom army stormed the Koopa castle. A great battle against the Koopas commenced. The Mario Brothers and Michael walked into Bowser’s former throne room where Koopernicus was.

The Mario Brothers stomped on Koopernicus like they did to the other Koopa Troopas and kicked his shell causing him to go flying into the lava pit.

The battle continued. With Koopernicus dead, there was a lack of command over the Koopa Troop, and they were soon defeated.

Michael and the Rebel soldiers then returned to the real world, and transfered the consousnesses of the Toads into microchips that were inserted into captured Prisoners of War. They disguised as Imperial troops hijacked planes and carpet bombed London, Rouen, Naples, and Rome weakening the Kingdoms, Duchy, Neo Holy Roman Empire, and Koopa Empire.

The Rebels were eventually able to defeat the remnant forces of the Kingdoms, Duchy, and Empires by June 8, 2017 establishing the EuroAmerican Federation with General Fay as the interim head before a smooth transition of government could be made. While things seemed to be great at first, Michael and the others were not expecting what was going to happen next.

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Re: Excalibur’s Return Chapter 9 Final Defeat
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This is the most adorably ridiculous nonsense I've ever read.
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