Author Topic: The sequel to Excalibur's return, Return of the Koopas Prologue  (Read 544 times)

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After the defeat of the Fourth Reich, all the heirs to Jaime's Empire were gone because Fay Hitler killed all of Europe's royals in the Second Holocaust. Therefore those who served his Empire that teamed up with the rebels to defeat the Fourth Reich accepted the rebels creation of the United Federation of Earth.

However Donald Trump, the winner of the 2016 US election and who was going to become President, before the US got conquered, was pissed off that a global government was established and he was not the US President. So he traveled to Conservative regions of the former United States leading a rebellion to restore him to what he considered to be rightfully his.

He made a deal with Koopalis Troopis, the new Koopa Minister of Defense in the simulated universe in the Knights Templar UFO since the Koopas were eager to regain territories on Earth that were part of the Koopa Empire. The deal was that Koopalis Troopis's consousness would be transfered from the simulateed through a microchip into Donald Trump so that the Koopa Empire and those on Earth who had Koopas consousnesses in them, would team up with the Americans. Additional Koopa consousnesses could later be transferred into prisoners of war, to increase the army in numbers.

Thus by September, Trump established the American Koopa Empire by November 27, 2017 with him as the Emperor. However, there were Americans within the ranks who didn’t like being governed by a Koopa, so they launched a takeover which led to a huge battle which led the deaths of Trump and his family. General Bannon took control of the American Empire becoming President.

The Koopas were furious and it led to civil war within the Empire with Koopas attacking American Troops as a result. They defeated President Bannon by December 4.

Soon the New Koopa Order emerged under the mysterious leader Tenebris who with the help of Finnis and his mysterious Knights of Stirling, conquered the United Federation of Earth. Things were going fine until Michael Gavin, who served the order because of being part of Trump's rebellion, was seduced into having premarital sex showing that all sex outside of marriage, not just adultery like in Excalibur's return, causes disaster. It caused the fall of the New Koopa Order and the Rise of the Fifth Reich which committed the Third Holocaust until it was finally defeated by rebels on January 15, 2018.
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Re: The sequel to Excalibur's return, Return of the Koopas Prologue
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Featured illustration accompanying text.

Detail with niam and Jacob's cousin to be added in at a later date.