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Return of the Koopas Chapter 3 Fall of the New Koopa Order
« on: August 07, 2018, 08:54:23 pm »
The Rebels entered the simulated throne room of Tenebris. In his simulated form he was a Koopa Troopa with red eyes. He spoke.

“You think you can defeat me? I am the Dark Side Incarnate. I was created by Professor E Gad as a means of helping defeat the Koopa Empire. He created the Force Drainer 3000 That drained the living force out of Magikoopas and put the Dark Side energy into a dead corpse. He then told me to help the Mushroom Kingdom defeat the Koopa Empire which I did.

Seeking further power, I convinced the Knights of Stirling, created by Queen Iva’s Brother Finnis to track down and murder King Jaime’s former guards as revenge for the death of his sister. I made a deal with them if they would start serving me and capture a General with a Koopa consciousness microchip and use a microchip to transfer my consciousness into the former when they raided the UFO and help me defeat the other factions of the Koopa Empire remnant forces and to help me conquer the United Federation of Earth which was fighting against them to protect the former guards who they pardoned.

However now with the UFE defeated, they got to the guards and murdered them. The Mushroom Kingdom opposed me taking over Earth so in this simulation they attacked me so I had the New Koopa Order defeat them. With my Dark Side power, I obliterated Toad Town with a thunderstorm killing Peach’s and the Mario Brothers and conquering the Mushroom Kingdom. Now prepare to be electricuted with my lightning.”

A thunderstorm began. However a rebel Luke Bell used a metal shield to deflect the lighting and it struck back as Finnis defeating him. In the simulation, when an outsider visiting the simulation dies, they exit the simulation. That happened to Tenebris. He was then shot by Luke Bell.

Finnis succeeded Tenebris as the Supreme Leader of the New Koopa Order. However the New Rebellion, under Alexander Pearson’s command eventually were able to defeat the New Koopa Order, both in the simulation, by organizing a Toad Rebellion, and in the real world, assasinating Finnis, and defeating the Knights of Stirling and the NKO remnant forces which was completed by December 20, 2017.
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