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Niam's Novel Talk Thread
« on: December 09, 2012, 01:20:43 am »
I am an aspiring writer, not too good yet, but working on improving my story telling skills.

My primary focus is on New Dawn, an urban fantasy-science fiction book which aims at 450 pages.

The main focus of the book is on character interactions and how the relationships between people drive the plot. Even the main villain is driven by a relationship he had with someone.

While there is a lot of action and a fair bit of horrific imagery, usually involving the villains, there is a lot of deadpan humor, usually dispensed by the protagonist.

The fantasy comes from the magic system used in the novel, and any books connected to it. Namely, the Spell Cores used to allow "Magicians / Meisters" to use specializes powers. The Scifi comes from the fact that magic in this setting has incredibly strict rules, and you cannot just whir Mana around and expect it to do anything you ask it to. It works rather more like a branch of science, that, and the fact that our regular world is separated by a spell called The Masquerade from the magical world. One full of colorful things like dragons, cyclops, chimera, et cetera.

The heroes are:

Matthew: The hero, a rather tragic young man whose own selflessness resulted in him living his life to be what his father desired him to be, and with mostly subdued suicidal tendencies. He had been of different personalities during different phases of his life. His main challenges come from letting others into his life, and learning to live for himself. When his father turned out to not be nearly as heroic, noble or even as dead as Matthew thought he was, his ideals were tested. Matthew's Spell Core is Warrior's Heart, which allows him to instantly forge up swords. Its way, way stronger than it sounds.

Shuuji: The Lancer, Shuuji at first was something of a bully until he switched sides due to exposure to the real villains of the book. He has issues dealing with repression of his feelings, and a conflict with his father, Shouji. His issues are mainly to be resolved in book 2. He feels a romantic attraction to Matthew above, and is insecure in that it makes him feel like he is "less manly". Confusing the issue even further is that he is also romantically attracted to a young woman, so he's not really sure what he is. His Spell Core is the Dragonic Lance, later upgraded to Spear of Susano'o. At its greatest state, it lets Shuuji control the weather and create certain weather patterns.

Sorata: The Esper, and Matthew's first love interest. Sorata hints early at a dark backstory, but we don't hear much about it due to how cheerful she is. As an Esper, she is, basically, something like a member of a UN / Interpol style organization that deals with magical incidents. Except they're effective. At times, too effective [read, they're huge Knight Templars]. She has to reconcile her mission with her love for Matthew. Her Spell Core is her gauntlets and boots, which can power up, and in the case of her gauntlets, become something like a drill. She's the team's hardest hitter.

There are more people, but these are the basic 3 protagonists.
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