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Parallel Hero Chapter 7: Dream in the Forest
« on: August 07, 2018, 03:45:29 am »
Gabriel felt himself floating, somewhere between consciousness and the restfulness of sleep. He dreamed of the past, of what had occurred during the War of Reclamation and---

Gabriel flashed through the sky in his leap and landed amidst the enemy soldiers, clad in camouflage print gear and wielding guns. One strike down, and a massive column of lightning obliterated the entire enemy unit, leaving Gabriel walking out of the ruins covered in sparks.

He was the Knight of Lightning. Some of his side's soldiers said he had Godspeed.

Gabriel shot a burst of lightning that ripped the ground upward, slicing right through the armor of a tank and slaying those who operated it.

He and other knights fought using arts most among their enemy had assumed were nothing but the works of colorful fiction and superstition. Some called it magic, others called them works of some Angel. All those who saw these arts used by the so called "Knights of the New Round Table" called these Knights "one man armies".

Gabriel's vision became obscured. He saw something like computer static---someone wielding Excalibur upon him and the Queen---reasons he could not fathom---a golden figure with white wings standing over him---brilliant light---he felt the depths of a lake. "His name Dulac...means of the lake. Does it not? How fitting, he is of this lake, and from it he shall return."---he could not see who said that---then he saw himself fighting yet again.

His vision cleared. He saw King Michael---there had been some consternation about his succession, that there was some sort of controversy about him. Yet a Nun he knew of---somehow---called Sister Gabby and Sir Harrison the Arch-Cleric spoke up in favor of Michael. Gabriel had been busy by and large at battle---

Why am I seeing this, Gabriel asked himself as the dream drifted away...

Surging awake, Gabriel almost sent one of the thin ladies of the fairy court tumbling backward as he rested his hands, clenched far too tight due to his dream, on his legs. His armor and clothes rested by the bed, and he was covered by bandages by and large, wearing only his small clothes. His breathing was fast from excitement, and he looked around. He looked around - numerous other healers were present.

"We...we beat Pales...did we not...?"

Tamerin walked in and smiled, "...and you almost killed yourself countering his death magic. Please, Gabriel, don't do that again. You had me worried."

Gabriel tried to get back up, but a few sharp pains made him sit back down.

The fairy handmaiden spoke up, "Your healing will finish in half an hour or so. You should be back on your feet and ready to fight then."

Gabriel sighed and promptly went back to resting on the bed. He smiled at the handmaiden though - she was a lovely sort he thought to himself - and said, "My thanks fair maiden. You and the healers here have worked well upon my battered body."

The Fairy King then reclined against one of the walls - Gabriel guessed by the earthy tones and wooden look to a lot of things inside here this was inside a tree - and asked, "What is your quest, Sir Knight? I am sorry if I distracted you with my troubles from that..."

Gabriel decided given the threat liable to be posed to his guest, he should explain; "...far off, to the East, the vile Angel of the Abyss Abaddon has started sending his Apollyons to bring all to ruin beneath his heel. Last night, he burnt a whole township within New Camelot. I-I am told simply to keep our borders safe but I would see the villain undone for his crimes..."

Everyone in the room gasped - Tamerin's eyes widening, the healer girl putting a hand at her chest, and the assembled healers fretting and seeming to chatter about the release of Abaddon.

Tamerin stated, "That Abaddon is somehow loose from the abyss he was sealed into is terrible news...I knew I should not have cut us off quite so completely. Sir Gabriel, when you go back to your world, I would accompany you."

Gabriel shook his head, "Y-You're a child, and I do not want to endanger not only a boy, but a king of his people..."

Tamerin glowered, crossing his arms, "...I will have you know I'm older than I look! And besides, what I can best do for my people right now is help avert this apocalypse. I am going to leave my council in charge for the time being, and accompany you to the world. And besides...helping you is the least I can do for all the help you provided."

Gabriel looked at the door and then asked, "What...happened with all those Lesser Titan things..."

Tamerin explained what he'd seen, "When Pales was defeated, they got called into this weird dimensional portal. I think they retreated entirely, and I hope they stay gone."

Both young men let out a breath of relief at the fact the enemy had not stuck around. Gabriel started to drift off again as the healing handmaiden started her work on him again - her hands glowing as she worked. Gabriel closed his eyes, content to rest - knowing he had at least saved one world from being plundered.


By the time he woke up, he saw the bandages on his body were removed. He felt his bare chest and legs, marveling at the great job the handmaiden had done. He noted he seemed to be alone now, and he quickly got dressed in his clothes and armor again. Much as he would've loved to make some kind of move on a lovely handmaiden, thoughts of Iva brought him back down to Earth.

Outside, Gabriel saw the little king instructing his council.

He walked over and asked, "How are you so easily entrusting them to the governance of this place?"

Tamerin explained, "Kings here are elected from a pool of eligible candidates based on amount of ability needed - we have to be able to commune with the Great Tree, which regulates the forest in a lot of very important ways."

Gabriel found the concept decidedly...odd. Kings being elected instead of receiving their position by birth. It reminded him of the old world, before the Reclamation War. He did not know if he was supposed to feel wistful for that or glad he came from this sort of age.

Tamerin then gestured forward, "Are you ready to go, Sir Knight?"

Gabriel nodded, not much else to do here. "That I friend."

With that Tamerin swiped a finger down and a doorway out of the fairy realm opened - both of them left for the adventure to come.
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