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Parallel Hero Chapter 8: Magatsuhi
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The Capital of New Camelot was rocked by several explosions, across one of the larger mercantile districts, as a tremendous figure rampaged. "YASO MAGATSUHI!!" Several more explosions of filth blasted a shop apart, and the figure, some sort of gigantic skull spilling out disgusting red and black liquid that formed into tentacle-like arms and legs, bellowed its name, "YASO MAGATSUHI!!"

There was an oddly plaintive sound to its bellowing, but with the amount of damage it was doing, nobody cared to try and figure out what its deal was.

Soon after returning, Gabriel - along with his new ally Tamerin - rushed to the scene of the attack, alongside Sir Jerome.

The flame knight sighed under his breath, "...rather noisy couple of days these have turned out to be..."

Gabriel sent a massive lance of lightning right at the central mass of the creature - sending it tumbling backward. "Anyone got any idea what this vile thing is?"

Tamerin seemed to be regarding that name it seemed to be shouting instead of speaking, "...I am gonna guess Yaso Magatsuhi is its name. I think that's the name of Japan's Shinto God of Disasters and Disease."

Gabriel moved forward, pointing his sword at the creature, "What would a god of such a far away land be doing here in New Camelot..."

This position however proved disadvantageous - the vile god promptly spewed some odd smoke at Gabriel, his eyes widening as he expected to be corroded or damaged in some way by the smoke...only for it to have absolutely no effect. He waved a hand through the smoke, and breathed in and out. It smelled rank - absolutely foul, and he hoped this wasn't getting stuck on his armor or clothes for the queen's sake, but there were no ill effects.

"YASO...YASO MAGATSUHI..." It seemed to regard him curiously, as if mystified itself that its power had no effect. Then it seemed to realize something, "YASO MAGATSUHI!!" It then brought eight of its tendrils crashing down at him.

Gabriel leaped out of the foul mist, and saw some other people were nearby when the cloud started to disperse a bit due to the wind...and had an effect on them.

One knight - there to make sure people evacuated - started to ramble outloud, "The Paramecian Empire is here! To arms citizens they ally with Demons! A-And that vile Egg Doctor is here too! AAAH!"

Gabriel tilted his head visibly at this - why did the gas have no effect on him, and was apparently inducing odd and frightening hallucinations on that knight.

A woman the knight was trying to help collapsed on to her knees and started speaking, " much fish...oh I've never been so hungry..." She then started grasping for food that was not there.

The Japanese deity proudly waved its limbs around, "YASO MAGATSUHI! YASO MAGATSUHI!" It looked distinctly proud that after its failure to affect Gabriel with its odd mist, that it had an effect on those two people. As the two people ran, to acquire fish or to evade phantom foes, Magatsuhi took heart in their flight.

Gabriel looked at Jerome, who simply shrugged and stated, "We need to drive this creature off! Who knows what other effects its mists could prove to have, with its status as a god of disasters in mind!" The Italian Knight then formed a huge flaming bird perched on his hand, "Phoenix Wings!"

Gabriel raised his sword and sliced down with it in a hammering strike, sending a huge stake of lightning rushing at the monstrous deity, "Thunder Hammer!"

The two attacks sent Yaso Magatsuhi flying backward and crushed one of the larger shops...and the creature promptly started crying - shedding dignity as well as tears - and a large portal formed behind it, taking its inelegance with its menace into the great portal back to...wherever this odd creature came from. The portal promptly closed up right behind the god of disasters.

Tamerin floated over and pondered aloud - he'd kept out of its range, knowing that mist was probably poisonous or had some effect, but the fact it hadn't done anything to Gabriel was distinctly odd.

Two messengers then ran in, looking rather bedraggled, as if they were forced to run nonstop out to the scene of the attack - as they likely were. "T-The King has called...a council light...of the Japanese monster attacking."

Gabriel gave Jerome an inquisitive look, "...How did they know Magatsuhi was of Japanese origin...?"

Jerome shrugged, but inwardly decided this was a slip up of some kind. There was more familiarity with Yaso Magatsuhi than what was evident.


Jerome, Tamerin and Gabriel stood before the King in a private chamber this time. If anything this time King Michael seemed utterly nervous - not even the news about Abaddon that he had so tried to quash had done this. It was as if Yaso Magatsuhi had hit some raw nerve and made him shiver.

King Michael steepled his fingers as he sat on his throne, "That creature you fought, Yaso Magatsuhi, is known to me."

Tamerin put his hands behind his neck and asked, "Uhh how?"

Gabriel looked over at Tamerin and smiled at him.

King Michael however seemed not to expect being actually asked how he came by this knowledge, and he glared at the boy king, "...I know not where you came by this confederate, but advise him to mind his tongue in the presence of royalty...I-I have acquired the knowledge from---"

"There is no reason to conceal my presence from such people." Gabriel, Jerome and Tamerin especially's eyes all widened. Tamerin's spear rotated madly by his side, the boy clenching one fist.

A golden figure manifested beside King Michael - it resembled a Greek sculpture, large white wings across its back. It seemed to speak without needing to use a mouth, "I am called Victor. Saint Patrick called upon me as his Guardian Angel. It is my duty to give knowledge, the will of god and other such things to leaders and those who will become leaders."

Tamerin's spear visibly pointed at Victor, and the Angel simply sighed and nodded.

Tamerin for his part calmed a bit, but was still visibly on edge.

Gabriel however recognized this golden figure - it matched up exactly with the figure in his dream back in the forest. "Honored Angel Victor, thank you for such service done to our King."

King Michael gestured to the three of them, "This knowledge, of Victor's presence, cannot leave this room. Is this understood?"

Gabriel and Jerome simply nodded, while Tamerin was quiet.

The fairy king was unsure where to go from here. He was before an old foe, yet it looked like he would need to subdue his need for revenge for the time being. It would not help avert the present catastrophe impending, and it would only damage Gabriel and Jerome's cause.

King Michael then stated, "With all these issues in mind, I will speak with Victor about strengthening our city's defense against similar supernatural incursions. This also forces my hand - you three will move tonight to the border to reinforce it. Whether the report be of the work of bandits or, somehow, an Angel gone rogue, make sure no further attacks happen."

Gabriel wanted to make a remark on the fact he was only moving on that intel when he was absolutely forced to, and clenched a fist. This be-damned protectionism would need to end if this was a cue of a greater trend. What if Lucifer started marching a demon army to the gates? Would they only respond if the enemy was right at the gate?

And what did this say about Victor? How involved was he in the state projects?

Gabriel spoke up, "Yes my liege. I will personally ensure as one of the leaders of the border patrol that no foes nor fierce forces make menaces of themselves."

The three curtsied - though King Tamerin giving only the slightest bow - and exited the chamber.


Tamerin promptly explained once they were a good ways away from the chamber, "That...that was Victor..."

Gabriel seemed a little confused by the animosity he detected back there, and asked, "...Tam? Is something wrong? Why did you point your spear at the Angel?"

Tamerin crossed his arms and looked back at the direction of the chambers, "That Angel, Victor, gave knowledge to Saint Patrick that enabled him to chase native fairies out of their homes and ancestral lands. His is a dark name amongst my people."

Jerome seemed to contemplate this, "...I see, going by the spear, a fairy king has joined our ranks...most interesting. I would love to expand my knowledge in further discussion with you, but right now the issue at hand is the past. I cannot begin to know the pains of your people. Let the grievances be stayed until the present day threat to all people, fairies and beings from whatever monstrosity lies beyond our border is extinguished."

Tamerin hung his head, breathing starkly, and nodded several times, " sorry, Gabriel...Jerome, I knew that was the better course, but my emotions welled up just seeing him. I know as a King myself I should push those storming emotions to the side and---"

Jerome interjected, shaking his head, "There is no call to be ashamed of yourself for having emotions, King. Rule with just thought and managed but never negated emotion. As the knight of flame, I must keep my passion burning hot, but keep a level and logical head lest my fire burn out of control. Think of that - never let it wither, but never enable a wildfire."

Tamerin's eyes widened, and he murmured, "...never too hot...never too cold..."
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Re: Parallel Hero Chapter 8: Magatsuhi
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It’s been two days. Where’s Chapter 9. Also why is Victor one of God’s angels portrayed as a semi villain who driven fairies out of their homes? Angels are supposed to be pure and righteous. Why did Victor and Saint Patrick drive out the fairies? There must have been a justified reason.

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Re: Parallel Hero Chapter 8: Magatsuhi
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I've been kind of busy.

Victor simply gave Patrick the knowledge he needed. What he did with the knowledge is his own prerogative.

Victor as of now is less a villain and more of a third party figure.
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