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Parallel Hero Data
« on: October 26, 2018, 08:03:34 am »
King Jaime-1993-2018. King of the Europan Kingdom who regained his thrones in 2015 during the Reclamation War and the thrones were united into the Europan Kingdom. Ruled from 2015 till his death in 2018.

New Camelot-City from heaven planted in Europe by the Angels.

King Michael-He was discovered to be the true heir after Jaime’s death in 2018, so Arch Cleric Harrison spoke in favor of his succession. He is the Yorkist heir to England and Ireland’s thrones as well as the French throne due to English claims to the French throne.

Arch Cleric Harrison-Arch Cleric of the Europan Kingdom. In the war of Reclamation, Pope Francis was forced to ordain him as Arch Cleric.

Europan Kingdom Vassal Kingdoms
-Croatia Slavonia
-Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem
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