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Got in a car wreck yesterday.


Fortunately, it was minor, but damn, what a way to start my vacation.

We were on our way to the store to do some food shopping when were were coming up to the abortion clinic.  Lots of protestors were out in force, making traffic into and out of the small shopping center (we were trying to drive past it) difficult.  Well, one car stopped suddenly in the middle of the road in front of the clinic, causing the one behind it to as well.  I saw the cars, hit my brakes (I was doing about 30-40 mph) but didn't realize the road was wet.  Despite my best efforts to swerve and curb-check, I end up hitting the second car. 

We pulled into the center (the other two cars took off), and luckily a cop was right there, so no one was screwing anyone else over.  Her back bumper was loose, amd my hood got some new shape and color, but nothing major.  The cop then left and the citation officer showed up to get our info.

Then the girl's parents showed up.  I saw the father jump out of the car and hug his daughter, and I braced for WWIII.  Well, WWII almost did happen, but I wasn't the target.  Instead, the girl's father spun around and starting roaring at the protestors, even getting into a shouting match with one of them as his wife and daughter tried to break it up.  Apparently, he's seen several wrecks there and holds the protestors completely responsible.  Luckily nothing came to blows, though I'll admit I was relieved that I wasn't the one he was pissed at.

I ended up getting a warning since I rear-ended her and it was wet.  No big deal there.  She also called my insurance company, but since it was minor damage, and I haven't had an accident since I got with Geico over 10 years ago, it shouldn't hurt me.

Despite my wife's arguments otherwise, I feel like it was my fault because I did glance at the protestors for a fraction of a second (That's all it takes) when most of the time, I'm watchful for everything around me.  Hopefully that's all the worst of it.

Anyway, just venting on my vacation getting off to a wonderful start.

Glad no one was injured. And the girl's father was awesome for yelling at the protesters.  ;D

 :(  That sucks dude. Glad everything's okay. Hopefully it won't cost much to repair.

Also, go dad!


Right now, the only problem with my car is I can't open the hood.  I'm getting a new car in a few months so I don't care about the scratches.  Nothing's leaking, which is always a good sign.

I'm still kicking myself though.


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