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Stuff I've written: The Culture of Assumption

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Sour Grapes:
*cuddles the kitten, scritching his ears*  You're a sweetheart.  Now I've got to get off my lazy bum and actually do something with this.  But at 4am, I'm about to waffle-fase on my keyboard.

Sixth Monarchist:

--- Quote from: Art Vandelay on August 11, 2013, 11:52:43 pm ---how lower classes are a simple necessity and it's simply impossible for everyone to be CEOs and the like
--- End quote ---

The Anyone/Everyone Fallacy ("anyone can become a CEO" equalling "everyone can become a CEO"), which doesn't seem to have a name (apart from the one I just gave), but probably has a latin one. It's a variant of the fallacy of composition, maybe?


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