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I want this particular fundie to suffer consequences for his actions


A couple days ago I re-submitted an old quote on FSTDT of an ableist shithead called 5arge. They made the single most transphobic rant I had ever seen, the amount of hatred was unbelievable. You can go check it out personally, if you want. And things is... Is one remaining comment on Reddit had a pretty big amount of upvotes and support. There was really no one to counter their stupidity there. Even in FSTDT, there were no comments on either the old or new thread that got more upvotes than theirs. And that was their ONLY non-deleted comment too, maybe the others were even bigger. They are still active around on Reddit. With all this being said...

I just want some help in order to expose this asshole and have them shamed for what they said. Don't worry, don't want to doxx them or anything like it, far from that. I just want to troll and expose their stupidity in front of a large group of people. I'm unfortunately a nobody without any sorts of good online presence. I tried to do it myself, but failed almost every time. That's why I'm asking it here, just so to see if there is anyone willing to help and give some ideas...

Yeah, I know, this is my very first post here, and I'm straight on asking for what will probably require ALOT of effort. None of you know me, you probably believe I'm just trolling around. I don't blame you. Let me just show you my side of the story, the deeper side of it, to know how important it is to me. I believe I'm neurotypical, but I do have OCD. With that said, this dudes unhinged insanity touched in a spot most personal so far. And seeing him get more celebration instead of contempt has genuinely been depressing me the past few days. I know I should just try to let it go, not to worry about those things, a Reddit thread and sub are not the entire world and most people aren't psychotic assholes. But I can't, it just won't let go. It still makes me profoundly sad... And also, my biggest want in life is to be somebody and do the right thing. This isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but at least its something and I would be happy about it were it to come to fruition. Even if it was the only right thing of significance I could do in my life, I would be more satisfied than to have done nothing.

So yeah, that's it. I won't blame you if you think I should not proceed with such thing. I do promise, if this whole situation does come to good or satisfactory end, I will indeed try and try hard to not let such things affect me personally in the future, and refrain from making similar calls for help. I take my promises seriously.

Well, got any ideas?

[Reposting this in another sub-forum, because I'm still new and don't really have the clearest idea of where this should go. Sorry :(]


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