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Just read this article about the lockdown protests in Michigan.

I find the whole thing kind of amazing, particularly in a country with over 45k deaths from Coronavirus and the likelihood of many more given the huge number of infections. What really freaks me out is the idea that the DeVos family are essentially organising these protests. I can't figure out their motivation, are they just evil are they in fact lizard people?

It doesn't surprise me that those slime would astro turf this whole thing. It all comes down to money. Who is losing money, who is seeking to gain money who is trying to protect their money.
These protests are ridiculous, and of course they're all Trump supporters who listen to Fox Entertainment talking points. Fox news isn't the conservative news channel. It's the contrarian news channel. It's just do or say the opposite of what other people are saying because. Now these people are putting thousands at risk especially Georgia which is opening up everything next week before we even have this shit under control.

Yes but muh freedom and the 'conomy.


I wonder if there were any attempts at these sorts of protests in New Zealand.

Remember the old Tea Party protests against Obama?  This is Part 2 of those.

Ironbite-morons being used by rich people who don't give a shit how many lives are lost.

These idiots are probably all from the west side of the state. We don't have many COVID deaths here on this side but from what I have read, it's about to go up.

These..."protestors" haven't experienced this virus yet so if they can't see it, then it doesn't exist. It doesn't help that they all suck Trump's dick and believe everything that he says. If he says it's a hoax, then it's a hoax and there is no way to convince them or reason with them that the coronavirus is real. They just don't see it because it's not happening much on this side of the state.


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