Author Topic: Since there's no snow in the mountains right now:  (Read 771 times)

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Since there's no snow in the mountains right now:
« on: January 22, 2014, 01:09:31 am »

The recent Arctic chill has given Fox News an excuse to give "skeptics" a platform to deny climate change and bash climate science. But the network has been remiss to discuss the topic during periods of record heat.

During their coverage of cold weather from January 2 to January 8, Fox News brought up climate change nine times, casting doubt on it every single time. They also devoted a significant amount of coverage to a ship getting stuck in Antarctic ice to mock climate change during this period. But this strongly contrasts Fox News' coverage of extreme heat events, in which the network is typically silent on the topic of global warming

This isn't something we already didn't knew. It's just while they're harping about the polar vortex as proof that anthropomorphic climate change isn't real, SoCal still hasn't had significant rainfalls, SoCal residents are angry that Big Bear and Mammoth are devoid of snow and killing their winter outings and we're walking like it's Spring already. Shit it was dry enough for a fire to burn a part of LA County. But they're all like not even paying attention to the weather problems down hear.
That may be the single gayest thing I have ever read on this board. Or the old one. ;)