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Perhaps, if we're really going to try and make this work, we should compile a list of what we, as a forum, have in regards to related skills that we can bring to the table. Instead of having to hunt peoples' talents down through each separate thread, let's list what we can do here. That way, we'll also see if there are any additional skills we'd need to acquire to make this work.

As I've said repeatedly, I'm primarily a musician. Guitar and bass mostly, though I also write drum parts, and occasionally piano (though I cannot play either). If any of our projects needs music, I will gladly volunteer these services to the best of my ability.

Additionally, I've been writing for a music blog, Creative Edge Music, since March. I go under the name "C_Hicke" there, but I'll link what I've contributed thus far for anyone interested. One Two Three Four Five Six.
On a related note, I am open to editing/proofreading as time allows.

I am also taking several college courses this semester/year that will be relevant to much of what we are discussing. I'll be learning Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Pro Tools, InDesign, and Flash, and will begin experimenting with the actual recording process once I have the necessary software and hardware to do so. I would love to incorporate some part of FQA's budding content into school assignments, provided my work meets whatever quality controls we settle on.

I can draw, I'm good with Photoshop and Illustrator, and I'm a reasonably good writer.

I also can draw somewhat, but only with pen and paper and if I can get my photoshop back up and get the brushes that I lost, I can touch up photos but have no idea on how to make vector graphics.

Also, I can write and I have a question, what about those here on the board that are spiritual, pagan, New Age etc? Can there be articles talking about their faiths/spiritual paths? I'm asking this as I am a Muslim and would like to write some articles about Islam both positive and negative.

I too can draw but they're mostly sketches right now.

Sour Grapes:
Apparently I'm very good at writing emotional pieces.  Speeches and editorials, mostly.


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