Author Topic: New proof of Aboriginals living in Australie 65'000 years ago  (Read 713 times)

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The discovery indicates their arrival on the continent was up to 18,000 years earlier than previously thought.

It was made after sophisticated artefacts were excavated from a rock shelter in the Northern Territory.

Researchers unearthed what they say are the world's oldest stone axes and ochre crayons, thought to be used for art.

Also notable that stone axes and crayons are older than previously thought.

Granted that some on the subreddit where I found this are saying that this is not news because Aboriginal oral tradition has already provided evidence of this and older incidents, but I think physical evidence is still a big thing.
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Re: New proof of Aboriginals living in Australie 65'000 years ago
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Yeah, this is pretty big. Sure the Aboriginal traditions state something but that doesn't automatically make it fact just like how something stated in Christian or other people's oral and written traditions aren't always facts. But with physical evidence to back them up it makes it true. Like how Jesus was an actual historical guythousands of years ago.