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Vatican uses charitable contributions to plug budget deficit



Every year, there's a collection taken up in Catholic churches called "Peter's Pence", where churchgoers are asked to contribute to a fund to support the Pope's charitable endeavours.

However, an investigation by The Wall Street Journal has found that only around 10% of the money collected (around fifty million Euros) goes toward charitable endeavours. The rest goes to reduce the Vatican's budget deficit.

Nothing about this is illegal. The Pope can use the fund in any way that supports his charitable work--and since the Vatican's going bankrupt would put a crimp in said work, using the fund to reduce the deficit is certainly permitted.

But it's billed as going straight to charitable work, and so I hope that this story gets around, and people give less, and the Catholic Church gets financially strangled.

Considering its been a giant scam for centuries, I'm not surprised.


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