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The Jerry Falwell Saga or; "The Many Paramours of Becki Falwell"


As many of you are probably aware, there will be no RNC appearance this year by one Jerry Falwell Jr., because he prefers to watch.

There has been another pool boy who has come forward making allegations about Jerry and Becki Falwell, and saying that Granda did not inform the whole situation. If this plus the allegations of Michael Cohen's pictures are combined, I get the feeling that Falwell was occasionally more involved than simply acting as a cuckold.

...I also have to wonder how many men did Becki Falwell bang? Granda, this new guy, and who knows who else. ...wonder if I might be able to get in on that sweet milf deal.


Two pool boys, and a marching band guy. I can guess her type - tight, toned and used to prolonged physical activity.


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