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The Story of Edward and Casey~
« on: June 04, 2012, 03:10:02 pm »
This is the story of Edward and Casey, a homeless man and woman near Crossroads Mall here in St. Cloud, Minnesota~

I saw Edward and Casey as I was cycling home from a session of spiritual wandering~  Being how I am socially, spiritually and politically, I decided to stop and talk with them~  This was not the first time I had seen these two people with their simple cardboard “HOMELESS” sign sitting on that curb, but before that I was in a car and the driver did not want to stop.

I got off my bike, said hello and told them I had no money to offer but I’d lend an ear and talk with them~

Edward spoke of how he had been given the runaround by the veteran’s services and how he had lost all his benefits.  He also had a piece of property that had so many backed taxes that he was unable to stay in it.  He was originally from just north of St. Paul, Minnesota but worked his way up here to a shelter where he was told he could stay.  He was kicked out onto the streets a few months later and has been living on them…since 2008~  He told me that he would like to get a home but that there’s a huge money issue involved.  Eight other siblings of his are fighting over the property with backed taxes and the courts have been making loads of money off of the lawsuits.  He said that if the siblings just sold the dead asset then everything would work itself out…~

I told them both that I’d go up to Target and get them some munchies~  I got them each a bottle of water and a gallon jug of water as a refill. I also bought two turkey and cheese Lunchables, a bunch of bananas, a bag of rolls, a jar of Nutella, a bunch of plastic utensils and a canister of wet napkins.  I brought them all back to the spot on the curb and showed them what I bought.  They were amazed, elated and moved that I had brought them all of this (maybe $15 worth of stuff) and Edward and Casey both broke into smiles~

It was at that point when I learned their names and I told them mine~  We chatted for a bit more; I got a chance to tell them that I’m trying to get people together to fight for equality for all people everywhere.  They seemed moved both by the fact that I spent time with them and because of what I did for them.  They seemed dubious about what I wanted to do, but I told them that a passion for that was a more positive passion than trying to get ahead and trampling everybody to get there.  They laughed and agreed~

As I left, I told them that they shouldn’t feel alone; that there are all kinds of people who want to help and who want everybody to be equal and have what they need to live~  I told them that I live for peace and love and that if I could put a smile on somebody’s face, I would feel whole~  They smiled widest at that and we bid each other a happy good night~  I told them I hoped our paths would cross again someday under more positive circumstances~

For me, being that element of positivity and making a positive and balanced difference not only means making those in my Brony fandom happy and being in all kinds of parties, but also to host little “mini-parties” on street corners where homeless people haggle~  I will sit, listen and buy food and stuff~

There are many like them no matter where you go~  That day, I got to make two of them smile~  I feel whole and elated in ways I haven’t felt whole or elated in a long time…~
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Re: The Story of Edward and Casey~
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2012, 03:45:54 am »
This story made me smile  :) :) :)

I wish I could do more for the homeless around here. I've done a bit in the past, volunteer and donate to shelters, sit and talk with them, even let a couple of homeless people crash in a motel room with me during a blizzard a few years ago (my work put all employees in rooms so we couldn't call out), but I feel I haven't done anything in a while and stories like this make me want to get out and help people more.

One thing though that I do remember was a few years ago for a sociology project I interviewed people at a local homeless shelter. Something that surprise me was that a lot of people staying at the shelter were previously middle class. These people lost their careers because of the recession, being layed-off, or worst of all because of medical expenses. It just made me realize that something like 99% of this country is one missed paycheck away from being homeless. It made me realize that I'm really not (or never will be) different from them, that the only difference is circumstances were more favorable to me. Since then I can't hear the phrases "bum" or "looking for a handout" from the conservative media without feeling angry or upset.

I think your fucks given indicate this, but I want to say it explicitly, I think you're a good person Pinkie.
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