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2nd World Building Thread
« on: June 06, 2014, 09:31:20 pm »
I guess this may be a good start for you guys. Think that old cartoon Visionaries or a less campy Masters of the Universe.

On the planet B'rbros, war is a way of life. Four nations roughly aligned to the four cardinal directions battle each other for the rights to territory, for magical artifacts, over religion or just for the hell of it.

In the east, the White Mountains have been a region for all sorts of philosophers and dreamers to ponder on the nature of life. Together, they have built vast cities from the stone of the mountain and have unlocked the power of divine magic. The foremost wielders of this holy power are the Twelve Peers, leaders of the dominant Church of Monadism.

The lack of steady resources have made the Black Sands of the west a home to all sorts of blackguards and scoundrels who ride the vast lizards of the region into battle. Here, makeshift fortresses and camps line the land with swords of fallen warriors giving the land a spiky appearance.

To the North, the Iron Peak stands smack dab in the center of the land and is venerated as a symbol of strength. Here, a warrior society has emerged under the sole principle of "Strength is all". This land is ruled with a iron fist by the Imperator Kersan and his black-armored Wolf Knights, who struggle to maintain order in a land where fighting is a way of life.

To the South, a vast infertile wasteland filled with tunnels hiding all manner of ancient ruins in these catacombs. If anything lives there, it is well-hidden. Those few who dare to delve it's secrets go mad, being added to the sinister cabal of warlocks who guard the land from intruders.

Magic on B'rbros is divided into two categories, that of the divine and that of the arcane. Whereas divine magic tends to pool in one place and is manipulated with collective will, the arcane pools in many places and is manipulated with a single will's power.

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