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Excalibur’s Return Chapter 1 The Empty House
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It was Halloween 2011. Michael Gavin and his friend Gabriel Dulac were 2 best friend’s in 7th grade. Michael Gavin was a short 12 year old boy with blond hair. His friend Gabriel Dulac was an average sized 12 year old with light brown hair. Since they were in the 7th grade, it would be their last year of trick or treating so they decided to go tricker treating in the most spooky Halloween customes. Gabriel decided to dress as Freddy Kruger, while Michael decided to dress as Dracula.

They were trick or treating in Gabriel’s neighborhood. Not to far away, lived Gabriel’s 50 year old uncle John Dulac. The Dulacs were a family of immigrants from England coming in the 1950s in the generation of Gabriel’s grandparents. John Dulac kept telling stories of how his parents were mistreated in England, because they were Roman Catholics living in the country of the Anglican Church.

His uncle also did not consider Elizabeth II to be the rightful Queen of Britain for that matter. He studied English history and remembered the case of the future King Henry II’s marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine in 1152. She was Henry II’s third cousin which was in violation of the Catholic Church’s Canon law of Consanguinity as they were related within the 4th degree. Therefore the marriage was never a true marriage, making their children illegitimate, which makes the entire English monarchy since Henry II’s death in 1189 illegitimate. Henry II’s brothers were dead, so the true line of primogeniture should have followed the descendants of Henry I’s Grand aunt Adela of Normandy.

Following that line, the true heirs to the throne of England were also the heirs to the Kingdoms of Navarre and the Two Sicilies. His uncle said that one day, the true heirs would be restored to the English throne, and England would become a Roman Catholic Monarchy with the Church of England rejoining the Roman Catholic Church.

Gabriel and Michael approached his house to get candy from him. He lived in an old rundown mansion. Whenever Gabriel visited, he always had an uneasy feeling of cold chills. On Halloween the light was usually on, but the house was completely dark.

Gabriel knocked on the door. There was no answer. He turned the knob. The door was unlocked.

“Uncle John.” said Gabriel. There was no answer.

They stepped in. The House was full of dust and cobwebs. They walked around.

“A mouse!” exclaimed Michael as he saw a mouse run into the distance as he shown his flashlight.

A door creaked open.

“That is the enterance to the basement,” said Gabriel. He might be down there.

They stepped through the doorway and entered the stairs down into the dark dingy basement.

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Re: Excalibur’s Return Chapter 1 The Empty House
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Couldn't be more Gary Stu's if you'd named them all Facob Larrison!