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A parallel hero prequel YouTube animation.
« on: October 21, 2018, 04:15:26 pm »
In 2011 in the parallel universe that Parallel Hero takes place, the Angel Victor appeared to my parallel self and told my parallel self that I was chosen by God to help restore Christendom in Europe and the Middle East by having Jaime, the rightful heir to the thrones of England, Scotland, Navarre, The Two Sicilies restored to his thrones and establish the Europan Kingdom.

I then became famous because I filmed Victor as well as a sighting of a huge floating city appearing in the sky by my house. I was famous enough to establish the secret society that infiltrated both political parties. The members who infiltrated the Republican Party formed a right wing populist movement against the establishment Republicans in Congress.

A member of the secret society became President in 2012, and by the 2014 elections, most of the Republican seats in Congress were dominated by members of the secret society, and a few Democrat seats had members of the secret society making the US Government dominated by the secret society. Therefore, by 2015, when their terms began, the US was able to invade Europe starting the Reclamation War and with the help of the Angels, the Europan Kingdom was soon established and I became the Arch Cleric of the Europan Kingdom.

The floating city was a city from heaven that the angels planted on the ground in Europe, and it became the city of New Camelot.

I will therefore make an animation documenting these events. So Niam, based on the Europan Kingdom being established in the parallel universe in 2015, when does Parallel hero take place. 2018? Gabriel Dulac seems to remember the old world as shown in Chapter 7.
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