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« on: April 01, 2019, 03:35:23 am »
Now, some of you may have heard of PizzaGate, the sordid topic which notable truth tellers - go getters - holy rollers like Liz Crokin and the Firefighter Prophet have spoken about. The heinous evil actions that drive deep state hedonistic satanism. "Spirit Cooking", unearthed by WikiLeaks - only REAL AMERICANS can tell what is being REALLY said here, and they're so brazen they'd put in a random reference to babyeating in their random emails. They're like a serial killer sending messages to the cops, only these messages involve cooking and food.

All of you probably know about Q, the elusive purveyor of truth that says so much while also saying absolutely nothing at all.

But you HAVE NOT heard...of P.

PAnon is the natural evolution. And it is through PAnon that I have learned of a truly horrifying story. The story...of PastaGate, and what goes into the meatballs, sauce and noodles used for pasta dishes.

It is important to note I can just look at someone and see if they're an evil Satanist Atheist Muslim Communazi. It's a crazy gift I have, like, my mother says I am either a brilliant genius or absolutely insane!

The story goes that it was unearthed in a leaked Ivanka Trump email that various elites from both parties would gather in Olive Gardens, where they would request "unlimited bread sticks". the river Styx! their gluttony for the poor little babies' souls! And the bread Hitler ate!!

So according to this email, it was discovered by the luxuriously sexy first daughter that these elites make their pasta using the blood of sacrifices for the sauce, the testicles of men and the ovaries of women for meatballs, and baked into the pasta is the cartilage of baby bones!!! I know it sounds difficult nigh impossible to believe, but it is imperative that you do so. Because the elites do this in order to please their reptilian overlords by approximating their dining habits! This is an unprecedented evil, brought to light in a released leak that was SURELY intentional.

So the next time you're at an Olive Garden, demand to see the sacrificial chamber of the massacre of the innocent. It is the only thing we can do until President Trump issues military tribunals to punish these depraved deviant diners!
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