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True anti-humanity from a christian pastor.

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It's not just that he riffs on Christopher Hitchens...he's a preacher, that's to be expected.  What is unexpected is this kind of shit:

--- Quote ---The take-home point:  Many Jews rejected Jesus because they were created for damnation.  This is because God takes the mass of sinful humanity and creates some of them for salvation and some of them for damnation.  It's all done for His glory (Romans 11:36); the reprobates glorify Him in the justice they receive from God in their damnation and the elect glorify God in the unmerited grace, divine favor, and forgiveness of sins they receive in their salvation.
--- End quote ---

And he has verses galore that back this shit up!

--- Quote ---They have heard the truth over and over again and have access to the same excellent online information that you do but they still reject it.  All unbelievers who never come to faith in Christ do so because they're reprobates and God is in the process of hardening their hearts so that He can display His judgment against them on the Great Day (Romans 2:5; 9:18).  Thus, be discerning so as to avoid casting your pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6).
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---6.  The reprobate have an important part to play in God's creation.
 All people have a God-given purpose for their existence.  As it pertains to the reprobate, some of them will cure diseases, create helpful inventions, and do amazingly wonderful things that benefit the world at large and the elect especially.  Thus, they have a God-ordained function in the overall scheme of God's plans for history.  Ultimately, their denial of God will serve to glorify God not only in their damnation as God gives them over to their just deserts, but their rejection of Him also creates a playing field in the here and now that causes believers to respond to their arguments wherein they show the folly of their unbelief, the truth of Christian theism, and the unconverted elect hear and seeds are sown that eventually bring forth salvation in the lives of God's elect.
--- End quote ---

That entire post is bad.  It gets worse as you go on and the guy spells out his rationalizations and conclusions.

 All this maniac did was make Hitchen's case for him:  "God is not good".

Oh yeah, I remember reading the verses where god is compared to a potter, with people being his "wares", with some made with the sole purpose of being destroyed and making the good ones look better. It's actually pretty horrible when you think about it, contradicts the thing of him supposedly loving all of humanity (which was actually added in later), and is used to justify predestination.

Osama bin Bambi:
Is he a Calvinist?

Captain Jack Harkness:
So much for free will.  Seriously, I absolutely loathe people like this.  I loathe them so much.


--- Quote from: Wykked Wytch on January 08, 2012, 02:48:33 pm ---Is he a Calvinist?

--- End quote ---

Probably.  Calvinists believe they are god's elect and that everyone else is going straight to hell.  The most horrifying and disgusting ideas always came from Calvinists.  Like that god created most of humanity for the sole purpose of damning them while saving a few lucky bastards.  That means that according to them, God created some people for the sole purpose of sending the to hellto endure the worst kind of suffering imaginable.

Not to mention that many of those who believe this horrific concept are unfeeling bastards themselves.  Like this one jerkass who criticized a pastor for daring to question why god would send starving children to hell after they already suffered enough.  Jerkass responded that he has no right to criticize god, how he's the clay god's the potter, and that we all deserve the worst anyway so we should shut up and accept what ever horrific fate awaits us.  You'd have to be a pretty cold hearted bastard to believe in and love a god who would do this.  Especially if you think that you're the "elect" and that everyone else is damned and deserves it simply for being born. 

It really isn't that much different than Westboro only Westboro are even more cold hearted and hateful than your average Calvinist.


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