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Introduce yourself here!

For the sake of the new forum. I have asperger syndrome, I'm gay, a science student, a gore buff and one of the most batshit random people you could ever encounter >:D

Testing. Token Asian here (sorry gyeonghwa).


--- Quote from: armandtanzarian on January 04, 2012, 04:33:38 am ---Testing. Token Asian here (sorry gyeonghwa).

--- End quote ---

I'm the token Queer Asian American. So it's different.

Shane for Wax:
I'm the resident Shane fanboy and rather into history, firearms, anthropology... tho higher sciences make my head hurt and math is impossible.

I love androgynous folks.

And... yeah.

Now we are all newbies. It is very sad. So very, very sad. Maximum saditude.


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