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By now, some of you have already seen Distind's post on the shutdown of the forums. It's here, in case you haven't. The short version is, well, Distind is shutting down the forums. His reasons are detailed in his post. Since I like this community and don't want it to disappear, I'll be setting up a new forum, not associated with FSTDT.

Kradorex has offered to host us at Digibase, using the same forum software we're using now (SMF). Since we would be a different community, we need a new name. A few suggestions were already brought up by the mods:

-Shit Said on the Net

-Wingnut Whine

-Shit Fundies Say Café

Anyway, since there's no particular reason to limit ourselves to ideas brought up by the mod team, I'm opening up to suggestions from anyone who wants to be part of the new community (hopefully, all of you). As well, voice any questions, suggestions or comments you may have regarding the new forums here.

Rabbit of Caerbannog:
Casting my vote for "Shit Fundies Say." The whole "Darndest Things" bit is a tad outdated anyway.


--- Quote from: Rabbit of Caerbannog on August 04, 2013, 12:48:14 pm ---Casting my vote for "Shit Fundies Say." The whole "Darndest Things" bit is a tad outdated anyway.

--- End quote ---

Seconding. It keeps the spirit but updates the colloquialism.

Dakota Bob:
Thirding. it's short and to the point.

I am going to say that I like Shit Fundies Say myself, so I am voting for that one.


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