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--- Quote from: SomeApe on May 04, 2017, 04:02:10 pm ---
--- Quote from: Kradorex Xeron on May 01, 2017, 09:42:58 pm ---Yes,

I have moved to formally unlock the #fstdt channel today on the UCSN IRC Network (that Digibase is a member of) as to enable its use once again. It would be interesting now that we have these forums and the main site merged once again to investigate the possibility of trying IRC again.

For those with full IRC clients, connect to port 6667, or if your IRC client supports SSL, port 8000 with SSL enabled.

We also have our own web IRC client:

--- End quote ---

Is anyone ever there?
Or did I get my own echochambechochamechochaechochaechochecochecochhechhohh..

--- End quote ---

I've been too busy for IRC this past week or so, but there were a couple people in there the day I posted this.

There are a few folks in the IRC right now.

Just come in and stay a while, eventually other people'll show up. I really want to make the IRC active again.

Just tried my first twitch live LP, I`ll be doing the second part 9.00 pm GMT+1

ps. It`s Enter the Gungeon and I`ll be simultanously on IRC while playing, so we can turn this... interactive I guess?  ;D

EDIT: Just got back form the dent, had to endure half an hour of drilling fun without anaesthesis so I`ll need a few more minutes to warm up ;)

EDIT 2: Aand that was fun and I think therapheutic as hell  8) , if anyone missed but would be interested, here`s a link to the archive:

Hey ironbite come back!  :D

Been having connection troubles in the web client of the iRC. Not sure what's causing it or if I should download an actual client program and use that instead. Seems like it might be the fix I'm looking for. Any advice?


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