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Evolution in action- World's first hybrid shark found

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Off the coast of Australia.

Rule of Yahoo is in effect (Do not look at the comments, lest you know despair). Scientists from the University of Melbourne ID'd the shark as a hybrid, and a number more have been found off the coast. Scientists say that this is the sharks adapting to the warmer overall climate.

I already broke the Rule of Yahoo, and have seen the creatards already scrambling to cover their asses.

Osama bin Bambi:
Really? Because I could totally see creatards citing this as "proof" that macroevolution is impossible or something like that.

^That's what I meant by them covering their asses. They don't want to acknowledge that the evidence is RIGHT THERE. It leaves me shaking my head at their willful ignorance.

Random Gal:
Now it's only a matter of time before sharks develop the ability to walk on land, and then we're totally screwed.

And in the meantime, they're just as likely to have developed frickin' laser beams attached to their heads.

I heard about this in my bio class today i didn't believe it until i actually looked it up but low and behold hybrid sharks kinda weird.


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