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Keiro Dreamwalker:
Post them.

Napoleon and I will be looking into them and fixing them.


Edit: I'm adding the below to help me keep track of what's been fixed, what isn't. Let me know if I missed something. Thanks again.

Not Fixed Bugs:

Time offset bug... Wish I'd known about this when it comes to SMF 2.0.2. Ah well, until this is resolved, the only way to fix it is for you to manually offset it by an hour.

Fixed Bugs:

Youtube Tags
Explanation for setting correct time in Forums

Feature Requests:

Chat button added. Does not open into a new window, yet. Edit: Now opens in a new tab! Sorry for breaking the forums several times before I got it.


Profile -> Look and Layout ->

--- Code: ---Time Offset:
Number of hours to +/- to make displayed time equal to your local time.
--- End code ---
- Click auto detect. Click Change Profile at bottom right.

Is there anybody else whose avatar isn't showing? I don't know if it's a problem on my end or this end, so... yeah. I've tried rehosting it but that didn't work and it isn't letting me upload it, either. I can see everyone else's just fine so I just wanted to see.

Also, this is minor and not a big deal so if you can't get to it I won't pitch a bitchfit.

Keiro Dreamwalker:
Link it from whatever and I'll see if I can't get it hosted.

NEVERMIND it worked out, but thank youuuu!! *throws confetti*

Keiro Dreamwalker:
H'okay. :<


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