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A GamerGate Announcement


Based on the results of this poll, the Gamergate rule has been re-examined.

The new rule: Discussion of GamerGate is now allowed only within the Flame & Burn subforum.

This rule will be more seriously enforced than the previous one. If you do post about gamergate outside the allowed area, expect a warning on first offence and a ban on second.

If you see someone breaking the rule, either report the post or PM a moderator (with a preference on PMs, because the report system has not been working reliably).

If you're going to start a thread about a related topic (e.g., Anita Sarkeesian), do it in F&B.

If at all possible, keep the discussion to threads that already are about GG, don't invade unrelated F&B threads with it.

The rules have been officially amended.


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