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Before the forum switch to FSTDT, I was set to always remain logged in to this site. Now, I have to login every time I access the page, even if I go to the login screen and check the "Always stay logged in" box. It seems like a setting was reverted, or something. Anyone else experiencing this?

I have not. Do you maybe have different cookie settings for and

chad sexington:
I'm having problems with the login not recognising my password.  However, when I'm prompted to re-enter it, and use the exact same password, it's accepted.

Kradorex Xeron:
One thing to attempt is to clear all of your cookies for and Old cookies can interfere with sessions occasionally. I'll attempt to replicate these issues from this end as well to see if it may be something to do with session storage.

What browser/cookie settings are you both using, and what add-ons do you have installed?

I've actually just cleared my cookies (along with some other stuff, since I needed to for work) and the issue seems to be resolved now. Thanks!


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