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Reddit Bans The Donald and Chapo Trap House.



A bit late for this, reddit, but it's a nice gesture I guess. The Donald has basically thumbed their nose at reddit's rules, and at one point they had to have their whole moderation team dismantled or so I heard. Good to see that they're finally taking action against the steaming pile of refuse that is The Donald. Should be interesting to see how long The Donald's new website they're trying to use, apparently based on one of the right wing knockoff sites, manages to last.

Betting not long.

I'm happy to see that they also got rid of the reddit belonging to a group responsible for such stirring zingers as "bloodless asexual" and "the gayest thing about him is that his ethnicity resembles a toy poodle". Good riddance to you too, CTH, you unholy pile of rubbish.

T_D had been dead for a few months already. The modteam set up a rival website that is monetized and making bucks for them and they intentionally killed the sub to get the members to follow them out of Reddit.

On the other hand, they also banned a whole bunch of other hateful subs as well so although finishing off T_D was symbolic gesture with no real effect (the members are either on the rival site or on r/Conspiracy and r/Conservative) the rest of the list contains several subs that I am glad to see gone.


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