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Creating this spot to see if a few of the regular commenters on their posts would like to discuss the goings-on.  Will invite a few regulars...stay tuned.

To new people coming on board from over there to discuss things here - welcome and we're glad you're here.  If you register to take part in this forum please know that it can take a day or so before your registration is processed.  Some people have had a couple hiccups getting set up - I'm trying to find out a little bit more about that because I didn't have any trouble myself, but stay with it because it's really worthwhile.

I don't get it  :o

You will...if anyone shows up!  ;)

I'll get it going....I've been going at it with Grace Kim Kwon lately.  I'm coming to the conclusion that she is just a vile human being.  Not only a fundie, but a racist as well, since she seems to blame "Western whites" for all the world's ills.

Agreed about Grace, however I get the impression with her that the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.  Going to assume she lives in Korea or something and is being fed a huge steamy pile by some "western" fundie somewhere.

I get more satisfaction going after the people who aren't just plain nuts but willfully stupid.  Amos would be the prime example for me, but probably the gold standard is Oboehner who is an idiot AND manages to be smug about it.  THAT combination right there...that's the one that leaves me helpless every single time...


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