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Jacob Harrison’s version of Parallel Hero

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Chapter 6 Dream in the Forest
(click to show/hide)Jacob Harrison III felt himself floating, somewhere between consciousness and the restfulness of sleep. He dreamed of the past, of what had occurred before, during and after World War IV and---

The dream turned into a nightmare. He saw his grandfather in the interrogation room being tortured.

He then saw his grandfather being strapped to an electric chair and then shocked.

Surging awake, Jacob III almost sent one of the thin ladies of the fairy court tumbling backward as he rested his hands, clenched far too tight due to his dream, on his legs. His armor and clothes rested by the bed, and he was covered by bandages by and large, wearing only his small clothes. His breathing was fast from excitement, and he looked around. He looked around - numerous other healers were present.

"We...we beat Pales...did we not...?"

Tamerin walked in and smiled, "...and you almost killed yourself countering his death magic. Please, Jacob, don't do that again. You had me worried."

Jacob III tried to get back up, but a few sharp pains made him sit back down.

The fairy handmaiden spoke up, "Your healing will finish in half an hour or so. You should be back on your feet and ready to fight then."

Jacob III sighed and promptly went back to resting on the bed. He smiled at the handmaiden though - she was a lovely sort he thought to himself - and said, "My thanks fair maiden. You and the healers here have worked well upon my battered body."

The Fairy King then reclined against one of the walls - Jacob III guessed by the earthy tones and wooden look to a lot of things inside here this was inside a tree - and said, "Remember that Pales said that the old gods will return to your world.  Sir Jacob, when you go back to your world, I will accompany you to help fight them."

Jacob III shook his head, "Y-You're a child, and I do not want to endanger not only a boy, but a king of his people..."

Tamerin glowered, crossing his arms, "...I will have you know I'm older than I look! And besides, what I can best do for my people right now is help avert this apocalypse. I am going to leave my council in charge for the time being, and accompany you to the world. And besides...helping you is the least I can do for all the help you provided."

Jacob III looked at the door and then asked, "What...happened with all those Lesser Titan things..."

Tamerin explained what he'd seen, "When Pales was defeated, they got called into this weird dimensional portal. I think they retreated entirely, and I hope they stay gone."

Both young men let out a breath of relief at the fact the enemy had not stuck around. Jacob III started to drift off again as the healing handmaiden started her work on him again - her hands glowing as she worked. Jacob III closed his eyes, content to rest - knowing he had at least saved one world from being plundered.


By the time he woke up, he saw the bandages on his body were removed. He felt his bare chest and legs, marveling at the great job the handmaiden had done. He noted he seemed to be alone now, and he quickly got dressed in his clothes and armor again.

Outside, Jacob III saw the little king instructing his council.

He walked over and asked, "How are you so easily entrusting them to the governance of this place?"

Tamerin explained, "Kings here are elected from a pool of eligible candidates based on amount of ability needed - we have to be able to commune with the Great Tree, which regulates the forest in a lot of very important ways."

 Jacob III found the concept decidedly...odd. Kings being elected instead of receiving their position by birth.

Tamerin then gestured forward, "Are you ready to go, Sir Knight?"

Jacob III nodded, not much else to do here. "That I friend."

With that Tamerin swiped a finger down and a doorway out of the fairy realm opened - both of them left for the adventure to come.

Chapter 7 The Old Gods
(click to show/hide)When the ancient Israelites practiced monotheistic worship of Yahweh alone, the old gods foolishly thought that Yahweh was just another powerful alien like them. When Christianity spread and the gnostic heresy came about, they even more foolishly believed that the gnostic heretical beliefs that Yahweh was the demiurge and different from the Supreme Being who’s will it conflicted with.

The old gods therefore believed that by getting much of the world to convert to monotheism, Yahweh violated their sacred rights to rule over humans.

A Lesser Titan came before the throne of Zeus/Jupiter the head of the Greco-Roman pantheon, in the caverns of Mount Olympus.

“My lord, Pales has been killed by a human knight in the Fairies’ Forest.”

“Well that’s what he gets for trying to attack innocent fairies to harvest their blood. I hope you learned a good lesson.” said Jupiter. He believed that as humans and fairies had language, they were superior to other animals and therefore should not get slaughtered for food. That is why the ancient Greeks and Romans abandoned human sacrifice except for gladiator games which Jupiter justified.

“Yes my lord,” said the Lesser Titan. “The event has caused the fairy king to go with the knight to Earth. This could hinder your plans.”

“I will send Hercules as an ambassador to offer the fairy king compensation in exchange for him not helping the humans fight against us. So, what caused Pales to think that attacking the Fairies Forest was a good idea?” asked Jupiter.

“He was advised to do so by your wife Juno,” said the Lesser Titan.

Jupiter was furious and stormed to the great table where Hera/Juno was drinking tea and reading news of their home planet on her tablet.

“I received word that you advised Pales to attack the Fairies Forest! Do you realize that it got the fairy king to form an alliance with a Christian Knight which can hinder our plans to takeover Earth?!” said Jupiter.

“I have an ultimate secret to tell you,” said Juno. “Seeking revenge on you for cheating on me and producing demigods, I formed an alliance with the Demon Lord Lucifer who wants you overthrown to stop your plan to take over Earth so that the antichrist can take it over.”

“Traitor!” said Jupiter. “I will defeat you and if you are still alive, I will chain you in Tartarus!”

Tartarus was a prison deep underground within a region of caverns called the Underworld, run by Jupiter’s brother Hades/Pluto which also contained Elysium and the Asphodel Meadows. Jupiter and Pluto had a long term plan to make those 3 places the destination for human souls after death with the average souls going to the Asphodel Meadows, those they considered heroic going to Elysium, and the wicked going to Tartarus.

Jupiter and Juno battled causing their children to pick different sides. It was a civil war.

Chapter 8 The Coming Storm
(click to show/hide)When Jacob Harrison III and Tamerin returned to Earth, it was afternoon. A servant approached them.

“Sir Jacob III where have you been? His majesty has called for a very important meeting.”

“I will be right there,” said Jacob III.

Inside the throne room was the Great Monarch Henry, his Prime Minister Michael Romano, Jacob III’s father Jacob Harrison Jr. and Jacob III’s sister Anne.

The Great Monarch looked very ill. When he spoke, his voice sounded feeble.

“I know that my time on Earth is almost over. I must travel to the Mount of Olives and lay down my crown as was foretold in prophecy.

Be vigilant. The Antichrist is coming.”

Jacob III’s father began sobbing since the Great Monarch Henry was his adoptive father.

The Great Monarch continued, “And a sign that the Antichrist is coming is the fact that early this morning just after midnight in Glastonbury England, near the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, people saw corpses wandering the town.

The hill the abbey was on was once surrounded by water and was where King Arthur was buried, so it is of great significance. Jacob II, and III, you will go there to investigate what is going on. If it is the work of demons, fight them. Anne, you are to go along in case they get wounded.”

Anne as a nun has been known to use the power of God to heal the wounded.

Jacob III spoke up, "Yes my liege. I will personally ensure that no foes nor fierce forces make menaces of themselves."

Chapter 9 Hercules
(click to show/hide)When Jacob Jr, Jacob III, and Anne were packing up and about to get into their car to head to the airport, a muscular man dressed as an Ancient Greek stood before them.

“I am Hercules, the son of Jupiter.”

Tamerin pointed his spear at Hercules.

Hercules continued,

“I am apologizing on behalf of the old gods for Pales attacking the Fairies Forest. Here is the deal King of the Fairies. The old gods will compensate for what happened in the Forest , if you agree to not interfere in our operations to take over Earth and reestablish the pagan Roman Empire.”

Tamerin quickly responded,

“I will not abandon my allies and let you old gods harm Earth like they did to the Fairies Forest!”

“But it is to the humans benefit,” said Hercules. “The old gods plan to defeat both Yahweh, Lucifer and the Antichrist because they are interfering with our right to rule over humans. He then repeated the gnostic lie about the demiurge.

“Yahweh is the demiurge who has conflicted with the will of the Supreme Being. His laws are burdensome and forbid harmless activities such as sex outside of marriage, and homosexual sex.

Furthermore, he is extraordinarily cruel. He punishes humans who commit those harmless transgressions with eternal torment.  When the old gods defeat Yahweh, we will redesign the human afterlife so that only the actual wicked will be punished, the average will go to the Asphodel Meadows and the heroic will go to Elysium.”

“Yahweh is not a demiurge! He is the Supreme Being!” said Jacob III’s father.

Because of a conflict between the fairies and the Christians in Ireland long ago, Tamerin and the fairies believed the same gnostic errors about Yahweh as the old gods, however Tamerin still vehemently supported his human Christian ally in the struggle against the old gods.

“You fools! Now I have no choice but to kill you!” said Hercules.

Hercules used his demigod strength  and beheaded Jacob III’s father. His father’s soul went to purgatory.

“You will pay for this!” said Jacob III enraged.

He raised his sword and sliced down with it in a hammering strike, sending a huge stake of lightning rushing Hercules, "Thunder Hammer!"

At the same time Tamerin got his spear Yggdrasoil to divide into 80 and launch at Hercules. The 2 attacks caused Hercules to fall to the ground. As he bled out he said his last words.

“My father will avenge me. The new”

As Hercules was half human, he had original sin so he went to hell for plotting against God.

Jacob III and Anne consoled each other over the loss of their father.

Chapter 10 Lilith
(click to show/hide)It was night by the time Jacob III, Anne, and Tamerin got to Glastonbury. When they parked by the hill where Glastonbury Abbey once was, and got out of the car someone drifted towards them, seeming to coast along upon black mist. It had pale skin and long black hair. While her pose was elegant and refined, her outfit hugged to every curve of her body, almost calculated to produce a reaction. Jacob III immediately knew from a dire feeling in the air - this was a demon. It may resemble a beautiful woman and carry itself as such, but there was no mistaking the aura of malice carried by a servant of Satan.

Jacob III pointed his sword up at the demon, "Identify yourself, foul darkling!"

The demoness outright chuckled outloud and said, "Well, asking a lady for her name so soon after a meeting...horny little boy, aren't you? Alright then, my name is Lilith. Adam and I were the first evolved anatomically modern humans who were given sentience by God. We were supposed to be husband and wife. I thought that as the one who is to bear children and breastfeed them, I should have authority over Adam. He refused, so I left the Garden of Eden. God therefore created Eve to be Adam’s wife.

I then became a servant of Lord Lucifer who is much more gender inclusive than God. Lucifer was behind the feminist movement and the birth control pill.

Lucifer sent me here to bring him the panacea. And I need your help which is why I had other demons reanimate dead corpses last night.”

“We will never help you!” said Jacob III.

“But if you do, it will help you avenge your father’s death today, and your grandfather’s death.”

“How?” said Jacob III.

“Remember your recent dream of your grandfather’s death?”

“Yes,” said Jacob III and Anne who also had that dream.

She got out cups full of a glowing green liquid.

“Drink this potion and you will have a vision giving you full knowledge of what happened to your grandfather.

As for you Fairy King, this will be your chance to avenge what happened to the fairies in Ireland.”

Ireland was once inhabited by fairies who coexisted with humans and had sex with humans. Saint Patrick considered the interspecies  sex an abomination so when he converted Ireland, he and the Christians, with the help of the Angel Victor, drove fairies out of their native homes. Humans who sided with the fairies were also driven out. That is why the fairies and their human supporters who Tamerin was descended from, brought their forest into another dimension.

So of course, Tamerin agreed to help Lilith.

The potion from hell that Jacob III and Anne drank was the worst thing they ever tasted. But they soon drifted off to sleep.

There, they had another dream of their grandfather in the torture chamber. They then saw him put to death in the electric chair. This time they saw the person who supervised the torture and execution.

After Jacob Harrison I was executed, his spirit came out of the body and charged at the man. This caused the man and others to get on their knees and repent.

Then they saw the man being baptized into the Catholic Church. They then saw him being ordained into the priesthood. They realized that he was Zekai Aksakallı, the double agent who destroyed Turkey’s nuclear weapons in 2034 and was chosen by Saints Peter and Paul as Pope Peter III.

They felt furious that he got away with his crimes against their grandfather by converting, and that they were never told about it. They were angry at God for making this part of his ultimate plan and choosing him as Pope.

When they woke up Jacob III shouted,

“I will kill the Pope!”

“Yes you will,” said Lilith. “But first I must tell you about panacea.”


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